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  • TheMaven By  TheMaven    

    Lots of ways to save on the things you need

    The Kroger family of stores has grown with the times, now offering more ways than ever to save. We particularly enjoy all the weekly digital deals, the periodic double-point weekends, and the fuel savings program.

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  • Lanieluck By  Lanieluck    

    Love Kroger!

    I love Kroger! I am so upset they closed the ones in NC! That was my favorite place to shop. Great selection and great prices. I loved their store brand items as well.

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  • Jeanamarie By  Jeanamarie    

    Kroger Foods

    I just left Kroger. I love shopping there. I love the different foods they have there. It's a little more expensive is the only problem.

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  • cyndylew26 By  cyndylew26    

    A still have money left in my pocket kind of store.

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  • HallieAllie By  HallieAllie    

    One of my favorite places to get groceries. They have great deals and selection.

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  • cheryl_19572003 By  cheryl_19572003    

    stay away from Krogers

    krogers is not a great store.i would not recomened it to no body.they wil not excep cash only credit cards

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  • Kyamarie12 By  Kyamarie12    

    Yes kroger

    I would choose this grocery store over most of the options they have amazing deals and perks with their loyalty rewards program. They should provide more variety in their choices.

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  • jehousel By  jehousel    

    A Favorite for grocery shopping

    I love shopping Kroger for groceries. They have a quality instore brand but also their own organic/healthy line called Simple Truth. They have grocery pickup, instore coupons mailed to your home (with the free rewards card), and my personal favorite a feature to round up your order to the nearest dollar, donating the change to the local food bank. I round up every time, even if I use the self-checkout because it's a great way to give a little and impact a lot. The store is always clean, employees kind and great selection and prices

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