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  • skeels By  skeels    

    Best moisturizer for combination skin.

    I started using this by getting a premium sample in an online beauty order. I'm hooked. This is one of the few moisturizers that I have bought multiple times and keep coming back to. The consistency is so silky and nourishing. It makes me skin feel wonderful. It has really calmed my redness and keeps my combination skin moisturized but not oily. It really helps bring back youth to my skin .

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  • arelyjrosario By  arelyjrosario    

    OMGsh. You'll want to eat it. So smooth.

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  • GypsyNurse By  GypsyNurse    

    The velvety smooth texture is lovely on the skin. The smell is quite strong in the beginning, so for those of you with a sensitivity to this, it does fade after a bit. For me, it had a wonderful cooling effect on my skin and when I woke the next morning my skin looked plumper and smooth and felt hydrated. It was really quite the indulgent nighttime ritual and although a bit pricey, I felt it worth every penny after seeing my skin the next morning. I will be repurchasing!

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  • deniserae81 By  deniserae81    

    This works particularly well in the winter, when your face is dry and cracking. In the summer, it is a bit much because of the heat, especially if your face is oily and/or sweaty. But, I put ot on at night, and it really seems to help!

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  • TAMMY714 By  TAMMY714    

    This sounds like an awsome product, I love the fact that it's natural. I really want to try this. Thanks

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  • Aspiringauthor09 By  Aspiringauthor09    

    Holy shit, this sounds amazing!!!! I like how it's all-natural, because I hate using icky chenical toners and face washes. I think i have combination skin, I'm not sure. It gets flaky on my chin, and oily on my forehead. This sounds like a great product. Could I please have a free sample before buying? My birthday is coming up, and, if I like it, my parents will buy it for me, 'cause it's my B-day! (Hooray!) I have a feeling this stuff will work, but I want to try it out first, because I can't have my parent's wasting their money when they're trying to do something nice for me. Thanks!

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  • radar525 By  radar525    

    Korres created this moisturizer for people with skin that is oily but dehydrated, which can show up as flaking in areas around your chin or sides of the nose. Even if you do have an oily complexion, it is still very important to hydrate or skin can become even oilier trying to compensate for the harsh cleansers and toners used to control it. I have (well, had) combination skin, and I developed flaky patches because I was trying to get rid of the oily part of my complexion without replacing it with good moisture. I began using this creme to see if it would help, even though I expected it to just cause more breakouts. In the three weeks since I started using, I am very pleased with how my complexion now is. I no longer have to use cleanser to control my patches of oily skin or separate products for my normal areas. This moisturizer has done the impossible and seemingly balanced out my complexion. My skin is now smooth and soft with no more T-zone. I haven't had a breakout since using and have been able to switch to a more gentler cleanser and ditch my acne products. The best part is Korres uses almost nothing but natural ingredients in their products, so I don't have to worry about putting more synthetics on my face. This creme absorbs well and has a nice cooling feeling when applied thanks to the yogurt, which is the main ingredient. I now have such soft, glowing skin with absolutely zero breakouts. Since my skin is now properly hydrated, I have seen my fine lines disappear as well. I have finally found my holy grail moisturizer!!

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