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Kong Zoom Groom

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So so Hairbrush Works so so, but not the best for a thick haired larger animal. Easily clogged and doesn't help much with massive shedding of Shepherd coats.

Amazing Only brush that worked during shedding The zoom from brush is the only one my thick double coat lab mix would allow nearly endless brushing with during shedding season. It didnt cause irritation of the skin tha is to the soft "bristles" and it was easy to use and clean. Amazing products.

Hair Friend I had tried multiple brushes with no success until I bought this brush my dog loves being brushed and it gets more hair off than anything else.

Dogs love it! The Zoom Groom works wonderfully for most fur types. It's best for currying up the fur so you can brush it off with a slicker or bristle brush, and my dogs seem to love it! In fact, I use this on the horse I lease as well and it works just as well as a traditional currycomb, and he seems to enjoy the feeling better. My only complaint is that, despite the shape attempting to account for this, it's a little weird to hold and use on the dog. I wish it had more of a handle.

Wonderful tool for bathing and brushing I use this product when I give my dog a bath it helps lather soap and run it through his fur. It also helps collect any loose fur to prevent shedding all over the house.

All my kitties love Zoom Groom! I own 4 of these brushes, I have 5 cats (down from 8). This product is the best grooming brush on the market, it works on ALL types of fur and the back of it is great for picking up fur from carpet for furniture....or even your clothes after you have brushed your pet. I've probably tried every brush out there and this is by far my kitties favorite bush and mine.

I love this grooming tool. As a groomer and owner of labs they shed a lot. This tool becomes your best friend with getting all the loss hair

This is the best when it comes to removing lose hair!

My dogs love when I use this on them! It does a good job removing loose hair from their coats.

This thing is amazing! It really helps to get the undercoat out of a shedding Corgi. However, make sure you brush in the bathtub, because the fur just goes flying all over the place (unlike with a regular comb).

Zoom Groom brushes are awesome!!!! We have one for our dogs and they love them! I don't use them for regular brushing but I do use them when I bathe them in our tub. One of our girls uses allergy shampoo and it has to stay on her for 5 minutes. In the dog world, that can seem like an eternity;) However, I continously work the shampoo in her skin with the Zoom Groom and it massages her at the same time:)

Love Love Love this. Works fabulously on our cat, he seems to enjoy it too. I highly recommend this for any pet. Super easy to use and also to keep clean, just remove the fur and put in the dishwasher & voila its like new!

I love this brush! It works great for my short haired dog (Boxer). It gets tons of hair off of him, and he loves getting brushed by it too.

This is a wonderful brush for both my cats and dogs. It is especially nice knowing that my children can use this brush and I know that my animals skin won't get scratched if they push too hard. I have a large dog with very fine hair and I can not use any kind of brush with wires or fine edges because it hurts him. The Zoom Groom brushes away so much dead fur that I was amazed. His fur is fabulous when I am done using this brush. I can use it on my cats as well and it works just as wonderfully.