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  • Klgrannes By  Klgrannes    


    I found one of the 20 oz insulated bottles while cleaning up trash out of a river.I washes it up and have been using it since.These bottle keep things cold or hot for hours.It's stainless steal so you dontbhave to worry about plastic coating.I would definatley recomend this product to try and reduce use of single use plastic.

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  • Melinda_HomeMadeInterest By  Melinda_HomeMadeInterest    

    I have several in different sizes and different lids. We use them everyday for water and save $$ instead of using water bottles, plus it's much better for the environment :)

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  • Alisonn By  Alisonn    

    My youngest daughter started using this brand last year, I did not know about it at all. she doesn't use any more plastic bottled water, nor does my husband. I bought several more for her for Christmas. They are great, sturdy, and easy to wash. She takes one to school everyday and in the car as well. I bought one for myself, just haven't broken myslef away from the bottled water-almost! I really like them now myself. We love the colors, and I also got her the TAPPED promotional one of Kleen Kanteen this year. (movie TAPPED). I would really recommend this for anyone.

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  • rileypark By  rileypark    

    I will only use stainless steel water bottles for my family. And I like ones that have a cover. The biggest problem I have with Kleen Kanteen is that they tend to leak. For my kids crocodile creek water bottles have been pretty good, lessleaking, but too small for me to use.

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  • emilyfd By  emilyfd    

    great and keep liquids cold for a long time.

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