Kiss Nails Gel Fantasy Ribbons

Kiss Nails Gel Fantasy Ribbons

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Life Changer/$$ Saver Used to get a manicure every 10 days, now i have completely switched over to KISS nails. As long as nail is prepped and clean, i use the glue that is provided and they stay on for a week to a week and a half. I always get compliments on them as wel!

If they?d only stay attached? Although I love the look of the nails and the many colors and options, they do not remain on all nails? no matter what. The position of certain nails leads me to believe they don't get as much activity. I cannot come up with anything else that explains the inconsistency. Very disappointed.

YES YES YES This is perfect for last-minute glam. They are super easy to put on and they last a long time. They come in a variety of shapes and colors and even designs which I love. Also a very nice alternative to going to the nail salon.

A game changer! These are seriously a life saver! I don't know that I'll step foot in a nail salon ever again since discovering these. Super easy to apply. Follow the instructions to a T. If you're still unsure or you're not getting the result you need, there are a ton of YouTube tutorials with tips and tricks for getting a professional looking manicure with these. I've never had any set last under two weeks thanks to tips and tricks I've read from other users. And SOOO MUCH cheaper than having them professionally done. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

My favorite nails! These are some of my favorite stick-on nails! They last for a while and don't ruin my nail when I take them off. I feel like compared to other brands of fake nails, the Kiss nails are more durable and withstand doing dishes or showering. The finish on them looks so cute! I only wish they were thicker material so the plastic would be less likely to bend. I can't wait to try other colors!

❤️ and saves $ L O V E! So inexpensive and they really do stay on.

❤️ and saves $ L O V E! So inexpensive and they really do stay on.

LOVE I used them alot but my sizing was also difficult because my fingers are small. But shaped according to my fingers. They are great when you can not afford to go to a nail tech. I recommend them, they are unexpensive, easy to use and also cute on your hands. They are a life saver on a quick date. I actually sometimes polish and sell for profit with sleek designs.

My go to quick mani. Huge fan of Kiss and Impress Nails. The adhesive strips eliminates the mess of glue. They've been quite improved recently , more sizes have been added and the Pure - Fit line is now available in short, medium and long. They've also added lots of new colors and have a colab with OPI nail polish. Very easy to use and lasts me around 12 day each time.

These look so elegant and nice on I am obsessed. Like many people, I have tried glue on nails in the past and was not impressed because they just didn't last. I used to be a regular at the nail salon, in there like clockwork to get a full set monthly and a fill in between. This ate up quite a bit of my extra money, so eventually I stopped going. While I was browsing the nail section at Target, I came across these and I thought, why not?? Boy, have glue on nails come a long way since I last tried them. These look so elegant and nice on, and so far they have stayed and it's been 3 days, two of which I hand washed dishes. I have gotten so many complements on the color. I ended up picking up a couple more colors to try out once I am through with these. I am so in love. I'm so glad I can have my nails done again. It always makes me feel more put together. Finding the right size nail for my teeny tiny nail beds was a little tricky at first but I eventually got it right and I wrote down the numbers so I know next time. Make sure you wash your hands with soap and water before applying, and use the prep pad or an alcohol swab to prepare your nails for application. It really helps in the longevity. These came with the adhesive tabs, which I tried, but ended up using the glue because the adhesive tabs, while convenient and no-mess, just weren't cutting it. I can't wait to try the other colors/designs I bought!