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  • Rose201 By  Rose201    

    Delicious!! The flavor is exceptional and the perfect start of the day. It's mocha/coffee taste is nice because it's not too sweet

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  • Rjack79 By  Rjack79    

    Excellent smooth taste. Great protein beverage for the amount of protein it is surprising it is not gritty.

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  • Noahsmommy1008 By  Noahsmommy1008    

    Special k is yummy!

    These are awesome to get through skipped meals. I prefer the chocolate. Very filling and satisfying.

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  • warrent23 By  warrent23    

    healthy and flavorful

    I have one of these special k protein shakes to get me threw the morning. They are filling and healthy and delicious.

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  • Greatladysub5 By  Greatladysub5    

    This is really good . especially when your on the go and you need to get to work or meeting or on a trip. They have different flavor so try them all

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  • kott25 By  kott25    

    Love this protein shake...tastes so delicious :) Love it !

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  • sofiemanuka By  sofiemanuka    

    Perfect for a quick breakfast when in hurry... Unfortunately too expensive for everyday use

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  • Zoraiya By  Zoraiya    

    Perfect for on the go and easy to keep down for anyone with a sensitive stomach like mine. I get nauseous every morning without fail and it doesn't help that I take birth control. I don't really like eating breakfast, but this helps me gain an appetite sooner than my energy crash can hit me. If I have time I actually mix this with some plain Kellog's flakes in a bowl at home. Wish I could afford these in bulk.

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  • sabrina345 By  sabrina345    

    I love it!!! And not expensive at all. It's like my get up and go in the mornings when I have no time to buy or make food.

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  • forthall By  forthall    

    My sister-in law love's this it replace her ice coffee.

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  • littledistrictgirl By  littledistrictgirl    

    Great morning coffee blend on the go. Super love this. By far my favorite drink from special k. Love the fact that it has proteins and vitamins !

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  • mystienyght By  mystienyght    

    Thought it was a nice coffee/mocha flavor and not too sweet. It filled me up for almost a full 4 hours.

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  • ShellM4 By  ShellM4    

    I have to say this is by far my favorite shake from Special K. The Mocha and chocolate combination is perfect, neither overpowers the other making this a great flavor. It is smooth and not too thick and great for on the go. I love the fact that I have two of my favorite things in the world mixed together, chocolate and coffee! And it has protein and vitamins in it too! Delicious and nothing to feel guilty about!

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