Katherine Center How to Walk Away

Katherine Center How to Walk Away

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This was my first book that I read by Catherine Center. This is the perfect love story with turns and twist.

A Must Read This was the first book I read by Katherine Center and it definitely won't be my last as I'll be adding more to my "To Be Read" list! Always live life to the fullest because life is full of challenges and this book shows the struggles and triumphs...and the starting over. "Sometimes the last thing you want is the one thing you need." "You can't fix everything. Not even close. But you can look for reasons." The book is a refreshing read that you won't be able to put down. The characters are interesting and the story is inspiring and motivating. Thanks @StMartinsPress and @SheSpeaksUp for the opportunity to receive the ARC and be introduced to a wonderful author with exceptional writing skills. Great job @KatherineCenter...

Love I got happy when I got chosen to read this lovely book. Wonderful book to read and you can feel what the characters are going through and can relate to them while reading it. I won't spoil the book for you but it is worth reading

Wonderful read . I really enjoyed this book. It is well written but I had a few reservations about some of the scenes. I don't want to put out spoilers but I will say a few things seem unrealistic and so I rate it 4 stars. It is very insightful into the struggles of someone who interacts in the world in a different way. I do recommend it.

I LOVE THIS BOOK! A MUST READ I received an advanced reader's edition copy of How to Walk Away by Katherine Center from SheSpeaks to read and review. This book talks about Margaret Jacobsen and how to move on and find happiness again. It's an inspirational book that you will want to to finish reading in the same day! She goes through heartbreaks, family issues, difficult moments and finds love where she could never imagine. She teaches us how to move on and be happy. It's a survival novel! One of my favorite phrases of the book is ?When you don't know what to do for yourself, do something for someone else? by Ian's mother, that helped Margaret see that helping others helps yourself. It's a must read book! As Nina George said, ?If you read just one book this year, read How To Walk Away?.

Picked up at my local library. Soooo glad I actually picked this up a while ago, while looking for something to read at our library. I was intrigued by the summary so I brought it home to read. I was finished within a few days (which isn't easy with 3 kiddos)! I loved it, and also felt it very deeply during some periods of time. It will make you sad, make you happy, test your patience, and get your hopes up. What more could you ask for?!

A great read Margaret Jacobson has what some might called the perfect life. She is about to get offered her dream job. She has the perfect boyfriend Chip who she knows is going to propose to her. Chip is getting his pilot license and has decided on the perfect proposal taking Margaret up in the plane and finding a rock formation that someone else had spell out marry me. There is just one problem Margaret hates to fly. She talks herself into going up in the plane with Chip and he can not find the rock formation. But he still proposes and she accepts. On the way back Chip notices the cloud are changing the weather is getting nasty. The first attempt he can not land. On his second attempt he thinks this time everything is going to be good and they will be able to land. But they crash instead. When Margaret wakes up in the hospital she discovers that not only did she suffer some burns. she will never walk again and she learns the dream guy does not love her anymore. We go with Margaret on her journey to learn how to find herself, her independence and love again. (less)

How to Walk Away "Sometimes in life you have to learn #HowToWalkAway. Don't miss out on this year's hottest novel by Katherine Center! bitly.com/howtowalkaway @StMartinsPress @SheSpeaksUp #shespeaks" This novel had me in suspense, crying, shouting, and all the above. What matters most in life is take the little things as if they were big things and enjoy life. Katherine Center did a marvelous job at capturing each character and holding your attention wanting more.

A story of hope and inspiration I received How to Walk Away as an ARC and was blown away by the story. It's such a good, quick read that you don't want to put down. I wanted nothing but the best for Maggie and was praying for a miraculous recovery right along with her family. I could sense the happiness, heartache, fear and pain throughout the book. While this is my first Katherine Center book, I know it won't be my last! My new favorite quote came from this book: "When you don't know what to do for yourself, do something for someone else" Another one I love is: "It's the trying that heals you. That's all you have to do. Just try."

Hard to Put Down - How to Walk Away Book Review I began this book by reading the first chapter online before ever getting the book. At that point this book seemed aimed slightly towards adolescents, but upon further reading it expands it range to be fitting for young teen through adults. There are various themes throughout the novel, some of which may be missed by younger readers, but more layers peel back with age or life experience. This complexity hidden in an easy reading book is part of the author's genius in writing. Throughout the novel, we see life through Margaret's eyes and ride the emotional roller coaster along with her. The author does an amazing job of bringing the reader along for the ride whether it be sheer happiness, anger, defeat, or just a case of the nerves, you'll be pulled from reality into the life of Margaret as she overcomes obstacles and grows into a new person. All of the major characters are so relatable even in the extreme scenarios laid out in the book. Kitty is quirky, yet somehow reliable and loveable. I even found myself rooting for insolent Ian almost from the moment he is introduced. Chip from the start was my least favorite and I feel some of his story was lacking in this book. He didn't have a major role throughout the novel, but he seemed to get written off too quickly and without consequences. Then there were the parents. While I never had quite so strained a relationship with my folks, I can understand and relate to the connection in milder forms. The author provides great life motivation and advice hidden throughout this captivating story. While there are a few areas that are less believable, the author has definitely done her research and is as accurate as possible in most areas. This provides a rare look into the recovery and rehabilitation of someone suffering from a spinal injury. Many other books would gloss over this and focus on the character interaction, but Katherine Center used the details to draw readers further into the story and make it come alive.

Such a great read! Loved the book! Loved the story line and the characters (well most of them anyway, some I hated). The book has been an inspiration to life. What the main character went through and dealt with was not easy but can be done even in our lives. I received the book from Shespeaks to read and review, the opinions are all my own.

Loved it!!! I was so surprised at how much I loved this book. I received it for free through the SheSpeaks program, and I could not be more thrilled. This book was outstanding and I truly did not want to put it down. From the beginning of the story, I fell in love with the characters and wanted to learn more about them. I am not going to give any spoilers away, but the book is fantastic all the way through. The ending is not a disappointment, and I did not see it coming!! I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a romance novel.

Perfect Summer Read This book is the perfect summer read! You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you won't want it to end! I received an advance reader copy from the publisher for an honest review.

Wow, what a fantastic book! I wish I could give it ten stars! "How to Walk Away" was not what I expected, and I absolutely loved every single page of this motivating rom-com style novel. The novel begins with Margaret celebrating Valentine's Day with her WASPy boyfriend, Chip- she just knows that this is the time, and he is going to propose- but with her biggest fear- a flight. Although she gets the expected proposal, what she doesn't expect is the plane crash that follows. The word Margaret hears the most in the days following is "lucky," but she cannot feel lucky when her legs won't work and much of her body is burnt. Margaret knows that things will not be as simple as her mother wishes to believe, but this is her life, so she has to do what she must. The hospital assigned her to the only surly and unpleasant physical therapist, Ian- a Scottish man who makes Margaret's life harder- and insists on calling her Maggie. However, the best part of the book was the familial relationships that develop throughout the novel. Margaret's relationships with her mother and sister in particular really shine in the novel. The book is an interesting combination of tragedy, comedy, and relationships- romantic and familial- that I found absolutely captivating. I could not put this book down; it definitely became one of my favorites! I would love to see this adapted for a movie, as I think it would be amazing as a rom-com! This book touched my heart, made me laugh, made me think, and made me want to reread it immediately! I can't rave enough about this fantastic story! Please note that I received an ARC from the publisher. All opinions are my own.