Kat Von D Tattoo Liquid Eyeliner

Kat Von D Tattoo Liquid Eyeliner

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Fantastic, but pricey. I have oily skin and my eyelids are no exception. Plus, I suffer from allergies that lead to watery and itchy eyes. I've tried many different brands and types of eyeliner, but most won't even last me half the day. I even fell asleep without having removed my eyeliner (yes, I know a big no no) and it was still perfect the next morning. I received a trail of this eyeliner from Sephora and although I'm not one to spend a lot on makeup (bargains FTW!) I'm actually considering splurging on buying a full-sized liner once the trial runs out.

A Makeup Artist Go To This is by far the best liner you can buy. if you hate that dull black certain liners have...then this is for you, it has a deep dark line that lasts. I am a makeup artist working 12 hour days and I never need to touch it up during the day. It sometimes is hard to take off at night because its on your lid so good. I use mine pretty much every day and it will last me months. You can tell when it is getting low because it wont have the deep dark appearance any longer and will drag across your lid . BEST FELT TIP FOR DOING WING LINERS.

Great and precise Great and precise, however sometimes can draw on light and needs to be shaken. Easiest eyeliner I have used to create a wing.

Best liner! Absolutely amazing liquid eyeliner. Very dark and very steady tip for creating the perfect winged eye. Only problem is when it starts to run out it gets very dry. Going over the eyeliner a second time with the tip to add more color when almost empty actually takes it off and makes it worse. But overall one of the best liquid liners I have used.

Kat Von D Makeup Artist Genius Kat Von D is a genius a talented artist an her entire makeup line is fabulous this eyeliner lasts all day without smudging its easy to remove as well i love this eye liner its a definite must try Ladies

My go to eyeliner My absolute favorite higher end liner I?ve tried so far. The tip is amazing for a crisp and clean application, and the formulation is very richly pigmented. It lasts me all day long and never smudges too.

not worth it. I bought this hoping it was going to be better than the other kat von d liner. i was not too impressed with either of them to be honest, and i will stick with my other liquid liners.

My go to liner I love this liner! I have crepey skin on my eye and this still manages to glide right over it. It stays in place all day but is still easy to remove. Sometimes I dust a little dark eyeshadow over the line to achieve a softer look, but if you want a cat eye this is your girl.

Best eyeliner ever! I absolutely loved the Kat Von D Tattoo liquid eyeliner! It is more of a felt pen than liquid eyeliner but I can't mess up the winged tip look with this pen. It is affordable and easy to find at Sephora. The eyeliner lasts all day, it is not waterproof though!

This comes in two types - a felt tip and a brush tip. The brush tip is amazing delivers a steady stream of liner that lasts all day and won't crack or flake. The felt tip comes up short, it requires two layers to be fully opaque. I also have to store it tip down to make sure the felt doesn't dry out and becomes useless- the unfortunate fate of my first liner. I have repurchased and will continue to do so, I do enjoy the formula just not the felt tip.

First of all I expected way more than what I got from Kat. For the price I was expecting a good liner. I was incredibly upset when I finally got to use this. It smudged horribly, and it was hard to put this on over my eyeshadow. It seem to cake onto my eyelid. This product went into the trash rather quickly

Not worth the price It worked ok for a week or two but dried out super fast. Not enough use for the expensive price. And had some trouble layering it over eyeshadow.

Well I'm so dissatisfied with this liquid eyeliner. It is so bad and I laugh because its called tattoo. IT'S NOTHING LIKE A TATTOO. My almay liquid eyeliner is better