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  • jagerwench By  jagerwench    

    Best Sausage!

    We love this sausage. It is the only brand we buy because of the delicious taste it adds to homemade sauces.

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  • Noonesmom1989 By  Noonesmom1989    

    All brats are not made the same, but these stand high above the rest. The crisp up from being put the oven, toaster oven, or in a pan on the stove. Also go great in recipes.

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  • CathBrad By  CathBrad    

    The best Italian Sausage on the market! We use this in spaghetti on our pizzas, gosh even for breakfast!

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  • Sydneytaylor8 By  Sydneytaylor8    

    Pasta favorite!!

    Love this sausage. It?s great for adding to a pasta. So much flavor in this and just a slight kick. Not too spicy in my opinion. Would love to find more things to go well with this.

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  • Josienika By  Josienika    


    Johnsonville. Are so good we love it with papper and onions sandwich also a fast meal like Johnsonville with pasta

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  • Unique53 By  Unique53    


    This is excellent sausagehas a good flavor goes with just about any side dish great on the grill I use it in my lasagna

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  • BellaBella2 By  BellaBella2    

    a bit spicy

    Made my italian meatloaf turn out great. A bit spicier than I would have liked though

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  • eac62387 By  eac62387    

    This sausage has an awesome flavor and the quality is top knotch!

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  • kraymond777 By  kraymond777    

    I love Johnsonville Sausages they are totally delicious. its made by a great brand. The Italian sausages just melt in your mouth . Great for cooking on the stove top, over the BBQ grill and we love eating them while we go camping. You can eat them by themselves or mix it in with a favorite dish. I would definitely recommend Johnsonville because its an awesome brand and these Johnsonville Italian mild sausages are simply the best .

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  • empusagirl By  empusagirl    

    Johnsonville Knows Brats

    Johnsonville really knows how to do brats. We love to throw these on the grill and let them get nice and juicy with that grilled flavor. They are so good! These are just a little spicy. It is not a strong spiciness. It adds great flavor. These are great for any BBQ.

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  • Leina212 By  Leina212    

    Our family loves these sausages. We sometimes eat in a bun, other times I take it out of its casing and grind it up and put it in a pasta dish.

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  • kassieK222 By  kassieK222    

    I love Johnsonville mild Italian Sausage and also the hot variety. I use the sausage for Italian sandiwiches w/ bell peppers, sausage, and red sauce. My favorite.

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  • Clayrene776 By  Clayrene776    

    Trust an italian

    I am Italian and lets make it clear, it is hard for me to find a proper sausage outside Italy but I gotta say that all Johnson Italian style are quite good! I adore the note of fennel seeds and when I make ragł, I always add to the ground beef a couple of sausage peeled off the skin. Yummy!

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  • Lustrae By  Lustrae    

    My "go-to" Italian sausage

    Reliable flavor and quality. I have tried other local brands and always go back to these.

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  • NisiWanders By  NisiWanders    

    Game Day Staple

    I love to braise these in bear for at least 3 hours and they are the perfect game day snack sliced and atop a cracker.

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