Ivory Soap

Ivory Soap

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ivory soap The first thing i would say its a good soap to wash with it don't leave good smell , but its great for all skin types. This soap will also float in water works if your child has some kind art class project to do.

Ivory Soap price that fit any budget Ivory has been around a long time it good on your skin and is within any one budget. You can use this for any part of your body also gentle on babies' skin. A pure color soap that as have a good scent

The bars are tiny and the scent is" medicine like" and it dries my skin. I used to use it many years ago but the market has come up with more advanced soap products. I tried it a few more times and decided not to repurchase.

Soapy I love this soap I believe its the best feeling especially if you work in clinical settings and you work around a lot of patients best soap to get rid of germs. I would recommend this soap to anyone and also those with allergies.

Classic Been using this soap since I was a child! Kept me squeaky clean!

Good product but needed more I used to use this because of dry, sensitive skin and it did help some. But in the winter on very cold days out and heat blaring inside it didn't work well enough. I still had dry and itchy skin. It does have a fresh smell and great for sensitive skin because it is a milder soap but I didnt get what I needed from it.

Brings Back Memories Always love the smell of Ivory soap. Reminds me of being a kid.

Great simple soap One of the best soaps. My daughter has eczema and this helps her. She doesn't react to it. She loves that it floats in the water.

best soap for all sorts of people my grandfather had a friend who LOVED drifting allllll over the country and in his bag of necessities some coming and going one thing that had stayed from the day he started to the day he got too old to drift like that was one thing, ivory soap bars, because they smell good and they float

Gentle Soap This is the soap I use to wash my private areas. It cleans without irritating anything. I would recommend it for that purpose.

Favorite soap! I love the smell of this soap it leaves me smelling fresh and clean and my whole family really enjoys it

My Try This is the only soap our family uses, it is gentle and so easy on sensitive skin.

good soap, does not feel harsh to the skin at all, but runs out really fast....maybe i just want it to last forever :)

This is not a bad soap, however it goes so fast. The scent is very strong and nice but it is easy to get used quickly. Price is decent.

Classic clean for everyone When I was a little kid, whenever we visited my grandparents, I would go into their bathroom and open the high upper cabinet and just stare in amazement at their big supply of Ivory Soap and Charmin toilet tissue. And I remember learning in 6th grade that it is 99 and 44/100th percent pure - so pure it floats. A few years ago when I had a wound, the wound care doctor told me to use Ivory soap. He said that it would gently and effectively clean the wound. So now I keep a few bars in the house specifically for first aid.