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  • Hunt29 By  Hunt29    

    Good for quick mornings

    We typically make our own cold brew coffee which can take some time. This is quick to pour and go but it is sweet and it IS vanilla flavor so you can't expect a strong coffee flavor to come theough.

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  • elliemonge94 By  elliemonge94    

    It really my favorite! It is way better than having to spend almost 5 bucks for Starbucks each morning! I love it

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  • Budgirl By  Budgirl    

    Deeeelish!!!! Like hot coffee in the morning but afternoon enjoy this. 😊👍🏻💜

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  • RainRainbows By  RainRainbows    

    Its alright if you want iced coffee that's already in the refrigerator that's easy to serve. It don't taste bad, but I think that the taste needs to be improved. It needs more of a real taste of coffee. I don't hardly buy it anymore because I think it's too over priced for my budget.

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  • NavyWife07 By  NavyWife07    

    I felt like I was drinking just creamer. It's way to sweet. Needs more coffee.

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  • tarakitten By  tarakitten    

    This stuff makes a great coffee creamer, but it's to sweet to be a stand alone drink.

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  • tired4mommy By  tired4mommy    

    I love having international delight iced coffee at home for those times you want iced coffee and don't want to leave home. The flavor is very smooth and creamy

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  • SweetPea83 By  SweetPea83    

    I love iced coffed! This is a pretty quick and easy drink to have. I'm not crazy about the sugar in these drinks just for one cup though. I love making my own organic iced coffee from a few simple things being the main thing from trader joe's. :]

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  • seayahtsea25 By  seayahtsea25    

    Very sweet just the way I like it. Would have like a little more coffee flavor though. But if you have a sweet tooth and do not want the cafine this is the way to go.

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  • awperez By  awperez    

    When I need a quick and easy iced coffee I go to this! So tasty and satisfying.

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  • pickles51 By  pickles51    

    Love this my brother got me hooked on this when i vidited him in florida so good.

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  • Myrissam By  Myrissam    

    Seriously the best ! Love it so much , it really is worth buying!

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  • blondiefrommd By  blondiefrommd    

    Love that this comes in half gallon size , sometimes a cup is too little and a gallon is just too much. ID taste great and is much cheaper then drinking at a coffee shop

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  • hblackwell93 By  hblackwell93    

    LOVE THIS!!!!

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  • Chris213 By  Chris213    

    This was a drink that I initially didn't think was that great, but completely grew on me and now I love it! When I first tried it, it tasted too thick/creamy for me, while having an odd flavor and being watered down at the same time. Somehow though I actually started liking it more and more the more I drank it! Now I think it tastes great! I would buy this all the time if it weren't for the slightly expensive price, and for the calorie count.

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