International Delight Caramel Macchiato creamer

International Delight Caramel Macchiato creamer

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Worth trying, but can get too sweet. I usually buy the I.D. Hershey's chocolate caramel flavored creamer, but this one is a close runner up. It is non-dairy which is great. You can either add a hint of flavor to your coffee or go all in and make it taste like a dessert. It has a nice coffee shop taste, vhf it doesn't leave you with any weird of unpleasant aftertaste. It bnb isn't too sweet, I don't add additional sweeteners, of any kind, to my coffee, the creamer is enough. You do have yo watch though, because if you add too much it will become VERY sweet. Nice caramel flavor, not overwhelming. You can still taste the coffee, the creamer is a nice complimentary accent flavor. I would definitely recommend if you can find it. My stores rarely have it in stock. Worth it for the taste and the price.

The name says it all I absolutely love this flavor. The brand is all I use, This flavor and several others are right in line for favorite. i even like putting it in my tea. In the summer I switch to tea, coffee the rest of the time.

Only just okay creamer I have tried several different International Delight creamers and my reaction to this one is the same as all the others, "meh." It is definitely not my favorite creamer. It leaves a strange after taste in my mouth and isn't as creamy as I feel it should be for a creamer. This would not be my first pick but if were all I had in the fridge to use, I would still drink it.

Best creamer ever This is my favorite creamer. It's so delicious and fairly good priced

Delicious Flavor This is the perfect edition to my morning cup of coffee!

addicting Addicting. I had to stop buying it because I would put this in my coffee every morning and then have serveral cups per day.

Best Ever Only creamer I use!!! The flavor is outstanding, of course anything with caramel is!

Great hot or cold This is in my top three favorite creamers; can easily squeak to #1 ~ all three are tied LOL Sweet, creamy, just the right flavor every time. I use this to make iced coffee macchiato as well or just in iced coffee. Great hot or cold!

Yum! My favorite flavor! Love it but i still tend to add 1/4 tsp. of sugar.

Absolutely delish! Such good flavor! I really enjoy this and almost all of the international delight flavors. They have strong flavors usually and are a good quality company! I will definitely always go with them!

Best Creamer This is really good it's kinda sweet so you don't want to use to much plus add sugar. This is the only liquid creamer ill purchase because it's so high quality and last awhile and I drink coffee daily. It's creamy and thick.

Love it Yummy ! This is one of my go to coffee creamers. It's sweet and gives my coffee that delish Carmel flavor I like.

Try this yummy creamer! This creamer is so good! Best one I have ever tried!

a nice go to creamer, no the very best but but good,

My favorite This is the best creamer! I only ever buy this brand. It's so good!! Makes my coffee perfect!