Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

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I love this! The Insta Pot makes cooking easy. I love being able to make chicken and other things quicker than normal. It works great and has all kinds of different settings. It is great for someone that is on the go or doesn't have a lot of time to cook dinner but it also is good for someone that loves to make quality meals. I would recommend this to anyone.

Like hiring an assistant Couldn't live without it. Prep meats for the grill in minutes - chicken from frozen, ribs tender and falling off the bone, ready to throw on the flames with some sauce. Makes the BEST sweet corn on the cob every. Potatoes. Casseroles. Need I go on.... It cuts down on cook time so significantly that you'll think you hired help. Busy, lazy, tired, whatever. You need it.

perfect use for every night our family uses the instant-pot every night, I have made some beef tip ribs in about 40 minutes the meat fell off the bones. I make rice and many steam-able stir fry meals for my family of five. I love it. I used to have to cook food all day in a slow cooker and now I can can just come home from work and put a healthy dinner on the table in less then a hour.

We use this pot a lot in our family, my in laws use it to cook soup, braise pork ribs, beef shank, etc., this is the basic kitchen appliance in our house. Very functional and easy to use.

insta pot Works great! I've made tamales in it. Also great for multitasking.

Don't be intimidated! So many people see all the buttons and become intimidated. Please don't! Watch a few good Pressure Luck Cooking or Jacky+Amy YouTube videos. If nothing else, the Instant Pot is worth its price tag for consistently perfect rice and hard-cooked eggs. Each time you succeed with something, you will gain more confidence to use it for something else. It is easy to use and clean, and it saves so much hands-on cooking time.

Just got my insta pot a couple of years ago. It?s great when you want a meal in a hurry! Saved many dinner disasters!!

lifesaver in ou tiny apartment with broken oven. lovely stwes with rice are a breeze.

The Do It All Pot, Insta Pot This Insta Pot is worth every cent spent. Using this pot will eliminate many of the other pots, frying pans used in making meals. The Insta Pot can be used for air -frying, stir- frying, steaming, pressure cooking, slow cooking and more. Meals can be quickly cooked since multiple items such as meat and starch can be combined. Even better is the clean-up afterwards may be faster and easier than cooking the meal.

Easy even for kids to use Such a great product. We use it for just about everything and even did a cooking class with my son's 4H group where each pair cooked in their own pot. Fun and easy.

Best for quick meals Love this Instantpot! I mainly use it for frozen meats when I'm in a hurry. Love that I can throw something and in 30 minutes will be ready. Also great for raw beans ready in 20! Love this and is the perfect size.

Great purchase Cooks quickly and evenly Plus it's easy to clean. Small enough to fit anywhere.

My favorite appliance I use my instant pot to cook so many things. I love it! It?s easy to use. It?s a time saver. From soups to canes and hard boiled eggs.

So versatile! I love our Instant Pot so much! I use it several times a week! My favorite thing about it is it being a one pot project. Brown the meat, add the other ingredients, pressure cook and you're done! I also love the option to do pot-in-pot meals, so you can cook something you'd normally use your oven for without heating up the house. One of my very favorite things, though, is the ability to cook an entire pot of frozen chicken breasts in about 30 minutes! I highly recommend this kitchen device!

Great all year round I use my Insta Pot weekly. Soups and bone broth all winter. However it is especially great in the summer time so I don't have to heat up the kitchen! My only regret is that I didn't buy the kind with a yogurt function. 😭