Hormel Compleats Kids Beef Ravioli

Hormel Compleats Kids Beef Ravioli

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My children love these and its just enough food. Hearty

Doesn't taste like real food My daughter did not like this so I tried it. It doesn't taste like real food at all.

Yuck! I bought this for my kids to have for lunch. They aren't picky eaters buy even they wouldn't eat this.

My children love these! Not too fake/canned taste either. Perfect easy snack!

Though we would all like to grab the healthiest snack that is still quick and convenient.... that is not always an option. This product though, in my opinion, is simple and quick and my family enjoys it. So, it works for us!

These are used as a back up plan when we are off running errands or unable to get back home to eat. They are convenient if not the healthiest of choices. The little ones like the taste and enjoy having their own little dish of food. I like the complete meal being in one container. I would not suggest a weekly menu of these, but they are perfect for our on the go lifestyle.

This is not a very good product. It does not have much of a taste, but the little taste it does have it not a good one.

Good in a pinch, not so good ingredients. Maybe some organic versions?

I LOVE Hormel brans of products yet this one was not my style and not healthy or natural enough or tasty enough for me to feel comfortable feeding to my kids. Sorry Hormel, You really can do so much better!

Very quick and easy for busy moms.Even I like it to snack after busy day.

I'm not too crazy about this Meal.. In My Opinion it taste horrible. My Kids definitely dont like it. Instant meals are the last thing I want to feed my kids. They're so unhealthy.

These are awful tasting and have unhealthy ingredients

Hormel Compleats for Kids is a great way for kids to enjoy a nutritional meal.It makes kids feel special,knowing it's just for them,and comes in a bunch of different varieties for them to choose from.I love that my kids are able to still eat healthy when I'm away.Great all around.

Good if you want something quick and easy. I wouldn't recommend it if you want something nutritious. Not a lot of flavor, but good for a picky eater.

These are no good. I would never buy instant meals like this for little kids. So unhealthy.