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  • ardyb0825 By  ardyb0825    

    This is a delicious canned chili. While I make my own homemade (and in a pinch buy Wendy's when I'm hungry for chili), I like to buy this to use for coney dogs. It is perfect for it! Add some cheese and you're all set.

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  • JessicaG34 By  JessicaG34    

    I love using this to make nachos for a snack for my kids. We love the taste and texture of it too.

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  • Jazzyt92 By  Jazzyt92    

    I love Hormel chili!!! I have been eating it for years. Would definitely recommend to others.

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  • xmarie411x By  xmarie411x    

    only chili i love and always will but i do like it without beans other then that this chili is amazing

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  • vickiedien By  vickiedien    

    I would rather take the time to make a good chili. This tastes too processed for me.

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  • Justagirl123 By  Justagirl123    

    My whole family loves this chili. It is fast, simple, and it taste good.

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  • laurar By  laurar    

    I love the taste of this chili. I would prefer to have the beans than without. It goes great on hotdogs or by itself.

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  • nancy13661 By  nancy13661    

    Not a big chili fan but this is good! My sibling love when we have chili nights at home.

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  • kellyk847 By  kellyk847    

    I love Hormel chili!!!! This is the only brand I eat. It tastes so good and is great using it when having chilidogs

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  • vanessa6297 By  vanessa6297    

    I love to use Hormel chilli beans when I make chilli dogs. They are so flavorful and yummy.

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  • ffaye411 By  ffaye411    

    My son loves to open a can, heat it up, crumble. Up crackers, and add a piece if cheese..great instant and quick meal..yummy

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  • SweetPea83 By  SweetPea83    

    Me and my boyfriend used to always buy Hormel without the beans for our favorite dip to snack on while watching our shows! This chili is a great add in for many different dishes! :]

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  • callenjordan By  callenjordan    

    Do not care for the taste of hormel chili. I would rather buy wolf brand. It has a tin can flavor I just can't get past.

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  • slevingston By  slevingston    

    Perfect for a quick easy chili dog. My kids love it to which is a HUGE plus!

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  • CharityH By  CharityH    

    We love putting this on hotdogs! Really improves the meal!

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