Hidden Valley  Original Ranch Dressing

Hidden Valley Original Ranch Dressing

              Rated #3 in Condiments Oil & Dressing
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Classic & The Best This is really the only kind of ranch you should buy. It is the original & tastes the best

Must Always Have on Hand for Holidays I honestly don't know anyone who doesn't enjoy Hidden Ranch dressing!! Its a wonderful addition to any salad, raw veggies or just eat with potatoes chips.

delicious This is the best tasting ranch dressing ever. I love the rich and creamy taste, delicious. I eat it as a dip with veggies, on my salad, and with my pizza.

I like this ranch it is very good on chicken just watch the sodium intake .

Hidden Valley Ranch more than just salads I love Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing. I use it in so many recipes. I use it in place of mayo in all sandwiches, for dipping with veggies and breads, in wraps and on chicken pizza. I buy the dry Hidden Valley Ranch dressing and put it in burgers, taco soup, mix it in when making biscuits, sprinkle it on top of crescent rolls gives such a wonderful taste. We love it.

love it! talk about a creamy dressing! this has always been my go-to dressing! Salads, veggies, pizza; YOU NAME IT! I put this on almost everything that i eat lol

The best My family loves Hidden Valley original ranch dressing. We can not seem to keep enough in our house. My teenagers use it on everything from burritos to sandwiches.nyou name it they are putting ranch on it. My little ones love it to especially for chicken nuggets. The best dressing.

Simply Superb I love Hidden Valley Original Ranch Dressing! It's great for salads, potatoes, pizza, and French fries! Also delicious on sandwiches or burgers, veggies, chips, pretzels, and chicken strips! It's my favorite dressing!