Hershey's Miniatures

Hershey's Miniatures

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Pure deliciousness I love the variety bag, it gives you so many delicious choices to choose from.

Chocolate! Hershey's Miniatures are so sweet and yummy! Perfect snack size that has a great variety.

I love the variety in a bag of Hershey's miniatures. There's something for everyone in there! My favorite is Mr. Goodbar followed by the dark chocolate. My daughter loves the milk chocolates and Krackel bars, so between the two of us, we quickly finish off a bag! I like being able to have small, bite-size pieces of my favorite chocolates, and I like that they make seasonal/holiday wrappers for them throughout the year

hershey┤s great kids I love that it has all the differents versions of the good signature chocolate so evreyone can get whatever chocolate they want, good for parties from different ages.

Hershey's Miniatures - always good Hershey's always has consistently good candy. The miniatures give you a variety without having to buy a bag of each different candy.

Hershey's will always be my favorite chocolate brand and this bag has great variety for it's size

Hershey's Mineratures. Love these tasty chocolate filled snacks. Great choice with a variety of flavors in each bag.

Great for when you just need a little chocolate! I love these Hershey's Miniatures there great for the whole family. I have found when I just need a little chocolate if I have a bag of Hershey's Miniatures i can just grab one little bar and my chocolate craving is good.

Miniatures - Yum These miniatures are great - you get a good selection - something for everyone.

Hershey's Miniatures: just right I love the variety pack--perfect to meet the taste buds of every family member. However, the size is what sells me. Just enough to satisfy the cravings, but not so much that it ruins my diet goals.

Hershey's Miniatures: A candy for everyone There's something for everyone in this variety pack. Perfect for giving out on Halloween or putting out at a party. The Krackel are my favorite but I love that because they are so small, I don't feel guilty sampling a few different ones at the same time.