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  • jehousel By  jehousel    

    Magic Jinn is awesome

    My kids love Jinn! He magically figures out what they are thinking of and it's always a surprise to them! Great way to have fun without too much tech. Great way to get those little minds thinking about answers for basic questions.

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  • ashley1988 By  ashley1988    

    i love it

    my kids love toys including this would love to try some we will give great reviews i have 3 kids

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  • LilahsMommy143 By  LilahsMommy143    

    Let me start by saying that I was skeptical when I bought this for my son (age 10) and daughter (age 8). Would it really be able to guess all the animals their little minds could think up? Would this be another toy that they played with for a couple days and then lose interest in, ending up in the bottom of the toybox? But I was so happy to see that 3 weeks later my children are still playing with this cute toy almost daily. And I was surprised that it can actually guess the animal their thinking of 99% of the time! I really love that my children can play with Magic Jinn by themselves or with friends. The toy takes 3 triple A batteries which are a little tricky to get in, but not too bad. The toy itself is a little small (about 4-5 inches) and I personally wish it was a little bigger. The eyes light up when Magic Jinn talks. He "speaks" in a deep, male voice with a slight British accent that the kids get a kick out of. He says a few smart and funny things when the kids "stump" him and when they take too long to answer or when there is a pause in the game ("Nap time is over!"). I love hearing the kids laughing from the other room and seeing them have so much fun with this toy. It would make a great gift for any child (boy or girl) between the ages of about 6-12 years old. I would definitely recommend Magic Jinn to any parent or grandparent looking for a fun and interactive toy for their little one!

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  • Skyvark By  Skyvark    

    My son got one of these for Christmas. I have to say, we played with it a lot at first and got some good laughs. Novelty wears off quickly though.

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  • snols82 By  snols82    

    This toy requires 3 triple A batteries. One of the batteries is a bit tricky to get in correctly as the battery compartment is set up for 2 batteries to go in one side and one in the other. It is the bottom one that could be tricky. The toy itself is quite small, about 4 inches tall. I think a little bigger would have been nicer. How to play: You think of an animal and Magic Jinn asks you questions to try and guess what you are thinking of. You can answer with yes, no, I don't know and it depends. He will also repeat the question if you ask for the times where you may not understand the question. Magic Jinn's voice is like "Stewie" from Family Guy, a bit creepy but I get the point, it is a voice you would associate with fortune tellers and crystal balls. (The reaction on people's faces is kind of funny when they first hear it.) Some of Magic Jinn's responses are arrogant when he guesses correctly, it is almost like he is encouraging kids that winning is everything.... That I was a bit put off by at times. You have to speak pretty clearly as sometimes he will respond with I didn't understand can you repeat? It makes children enunciate their words which is not a bad thing. Magic Jinn correctly guessed the animal he was thinking of the first 5 times he played, including guessing a T-Rex! (He also guessed correctly on Owl, Dog, Cheetah and Hippo) He was stumped on Bald Eagle and Prairie Dog. It is possible to stump Magic Jinn, to which he will tell your child they are tougher than he thought and they did it, they stumped him. His eyes light up when he talks to add to that whole "mysterious" image. If you pause for sometime he will ask what you are doing and tell you it is not nap time. Overall Magic Jinn is a fun toy. It impressed me that through a series of questions it is able to guess the animal. (All based on a process of elimination and narrowing down possibilities)

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