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  • torche By  torche    

    fun family fun

    fun game for the whole family me and my family love to play this game every night we have a chance i never win but i sure have fun playing it yippee

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  • SarahG99 By  SarahG99    

    Awesome, fun game for the whole family!!! My kids absolutely love it!!!

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  • TiffanyH17 By  TiffanyH17    

    VERY Fun family game! Kids and adults can all enjoy this game!

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  • Gabbin By  Gabbin    

    This game helped me break the ice on what otherwise would have been a very awkward double date. By the time we were done, my gal pal had PLENTY to talk about with her date. I'd also recommend it for retreats and team building activities. It's an easy way to get silly and competitive- the rules aren't very complicated, and it works for almost any number of players.

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  • CamiR4 By  CamiR4    

    This game is fun as you get to see how well your friends and family try to describe a word! You end up laughing more than playing!

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  • TaffetaKate By  TaffetaKate    

    This is my favorite game. I love playing it with family and friends. It's even one of the only things that loosens the tension when we visit the in- laws. Catchphrase can get a woman with zero sense of humor to let out a [genuine] laugh!

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  • shannonmdavis72912 By  shannonmdavis72912    

    This game has my entire family screaming! Love.

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  • heartinwv95 By  heartinwv95    

    Love this game! This was a staple on a "get to know you" trip for my scholarship program, and it really made the whole experience more relaxed and fun!

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  • RavenZafira By  RavenZafira    

    One of my favorite games of all time. There isn't much set up, the rules are easy, and the rounds are quick. You can play with as few as 4 people (pairs). Always a hit and it's a great exercise in vocabulary, communication and synonyms. Always a barrel of laughs, I strongly recommend it. The only thing I do not like is the battery usage of the electronic timer. The older timers had a less annoying sound and I believe did not require batteries.

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  • CourtDez3035 By  CourtDez3035    

    This game is a family favorite especially around the holidays! All ages can play.

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  • ZigZag450 By  ZigZag450    

    This is such a fun game! We play it for hours non stop! Great way to break the ice!!!

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  • RobynsWorld By  RobynsWorld    

    Love this game. The regular edition is better than the digital edition though. The digital one is trickier to control and has odd phrases. The regular edition is exciting with the timer element and tons of fun. If you are really close to your partner/team in the game (my husband and I rock at this) it makes it so much easier because you can sometimes say one word and they guess right because you are on the same level. Teens and up I think is best for this game.

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  • cdgregory2009 By  cdgregory2009    

    My family and friends love this game. We all get a kick out of watching people struggle with the descriptions, and it is always fun to see who really clicks (then we don't let them play together :-)) I've played this at parties with a variety of ages and it is a real hit, but we don't always play by the written rules. The only down-side is that the sounds are really quite obnoixious. My husband keeps threatening to disable them, but I won't let him for fear he will break my favorite game.

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  • abandba By  abandba    

    This is a great game for any number of people. It's easy to pick up and put down, so you don't need a specific amount of time to play it, which is also great. The timer element adds excitement and keeps the game moving.

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  • Stezziray By  Stezziray    

    We play this game everywhere. We can even play it in the car (driver doesn't take a turn giving clues!!). It's great for grownups and kids over 6 or so who read and have a good vocabulary. Fun and exciting.

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