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  • Lonakay By  Lonakay    

    Such a fun game to introduce your Young children to board games. I used to get so excited when I was winning! I love this game, has been around forever!

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  • lisa619 By  lisa619    

    Fun game with family

    Candy land is a cute game for a family to play with their children.

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  • donnalee2001 By  donnalee2001    

    Family Fun Game

    Candy Land is easy and fun. My kids and grand kids love playing it.

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  • morganA1 By  morganA1    

    only giving 3/5 stars because i can never keep track of all the tiny little pieces

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  • kugrad2005 By  kugrad2005    

    Fun for everyone

    I loved this game as a little girl and i still love it today

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  • DsOpinion By  DsOpinion    

    American Favorite

    This game is a classic and an all time american favorite! My childhood would have been VERY boring without it! Great for 5 and up!

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  • Sherylkelley7 By  Sherylkelley7    

    a family favorite

    Candy land is a all time american favorite in all households. Always fun to pull out and play every few year. and perfect for child's first game

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  • Goof-Ball By  Goof-Ball    

    This game is good for matching and learning colors but I think there are better games out there. I didn't love this game as a kid but I bought it for my kids because it's a classic. They didn't love it either. They didn't understand why the licorice was a bad space; they like licorice.

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  • Nydrom1984 By  Nydrom1984    

    Great for the kiddos

    My daughter loved this game as a kiddo and then when my son was born they played together. It is super easy for them to learn and really fun. I love how the kids really enjoyed it.

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  • Melody_2020 By  Melody_2020    

    Love it

    I love Candy Land and this older edition is still amazing. I don't like the new version of Candy Land since the gameboard is too small and the figures do not look the same. But this one is true to it's original design.

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  • darkgoddess718 By  darkgoddess718    

    Candy Land is a favorite

    This has been an all time favorite game to play through many generations. I remember playing this as a kid. The bright colors drew me in and was fun to play. When my son was younger I bought this game for him and we would always play. This is a family game to thoroughly enjoy with your young ones

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  • lovenlife By  lovenlife    


    This was one of my best childhood games, i first played with my family and learned how to play games in a fun way. 60 years later i am playing it with my younger neices. An all time best game to learn all about following directions and how to play games as a child.

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  • HallieAllie By  HallieAllie    

    Hasbro Candy Land has been played for generations. It is so fun to play with little kids.

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  • LDBeckner By  LDBeckner    

    Fun for the littles!

    This game was so fun when i was little, back when the game had cards to draw instead of a spinner to spin. it was more fun to play with the cards bc my sibs and i always kept an eye out for that 1 card with the blue Queen Frostine card that got us the closest to the end. I bought the game recently to play with my kids. Now it has a spinner to spin to jump the colored blocks to the end. not as fun as fighting over Queen Frostine, but my kids still enjoy playing.

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  • ima_lil_galaxy By  ima_lil_galaxy    


    This was one of my favorite games as a child. The illustrations and premise are top notch for young children and adolescents.

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