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  • Rjack79 By  Rjack79    

    I have used this easily 500 times to make protein shakes and the blades are still working perfect.

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  • Hethre72 By  Hethre72    

    Don?t waste time and money!

    It?s hard for me to even give this blender one star, since it doesn?t do anything. I got this thinking it sounded great to use for smoothies. The advertising said it could handle them, so I gave it a try. Well, it didn?t blend my smoothie at all, it just grunted and stuck there, so I tried to make it thinner and still nothing. There was no ice or frozen anything just fresh fruit, yogurt and milk. The second time I tried it, it smelled like fire, so I threw it away. Waste of time and money.

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  • 17lauramarie By  17lauramarie    

    Small but Powerful

    Nice little blender. I use mine almost every morning for my protein shake, and it never lets me down. It is nice and compact, easy to clean and there's definitely more power than I was expecting. I've had this product almost a year and a half now.

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  • kmoran By  kmoran    

    For the money it lasted well. It was easy to use, but I wish it would have broke down more to clean better. If you are looking for a personal blender that won't break the bank this is a great option. It was an extra for work and lasted for years.

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  • quisha88 By  quisha88    

    Dont Buy

    This was not my favorite blender at all I disliked it completely. Never blended my products evenly, I invested in a ninja blender.

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  • Shansuzi24 By  Shansuzi24    

    We loved this little blender! It worked great for any kindof smoothie really and also I made homemade salsa in the little blender. This blender is just an awesome product!

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  • khall01 By  khall01    

    Great for College Students

    I had one of these all through college. It made drinking healthy smoothies so easy and definitely helped in avoiding those freshman 15. Can't beat the price and easy to store when living in small places.

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  • cprechtl By  cprechtl    

    Wasnot thrilled with this product, first one didnt work at all, returned it and second one barely mixed drinks , would have been better shaving ice by hand and mixing it with a fork.

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  • gambler2 By  gambler2    

    This personal blender is not only perfect for on the go drinks, the price is right too, this is a excellent product.

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  • Sarahkaye By  Sarahkaye    

    Size is great but it has lost power over about 6 months of use.

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  • rhondaspok By  rhondaspok    

    This is fun and easy to use

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  • 123raven1 By  123raven1    

    me and my man love this blender its small enough to store when we are not using it and we also love how easy it makes to have your smoothies on the go

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  • tara19652006 By  tara19652006    

    This blender does not take up much counter space but don't let the size fool you on performance. This blender does a great job of chopping up fruit and ice. I have put big strawberries that I only cut in half in my smoothie and this blender purees them just fine. The blades are metal and sharp, so ice is not problem for it. The jar says 14 ounces but when I filled it with water it held 18 ounces. That means you can make a two cup smoothie. The blender even has a hideaway cord wrap.

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