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  • jonilosmom By  jonilosmom    

    Love it

    I love the apple cinnamon and vanilla scents. These work best in small spaces though.

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  • liljequist By  liljequist    

    I wish these could fill a larger amount of space w/the scent! I want to like them more but they barely work in a small room even. My room isn't huge but my husband can't tell it's been on in there when he comes home. My frebreeze scentsy works ten times better ! I have it In my living room and you can smell it throughout the entire house! Even the back rooms and laundry room which has a door to get it so I'd say frebreeze scentsys are the way to go compared to these glade products

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  • Kabris By  Kabris    

    I love everything by glade!!!!!

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  • elliemay1229 By  elliemay1229    

    I just purchased a Lasting Impressions Plug-in with a $3.00 off coupon, so for just $2 at WalMart I got the best of the best of Plug-In's. It has 2 oils and alternates between them. It also has a fan to spread the scent around. I have one in the outlet in my hall. It is strong enough to cover a large area. My only suggestion for the future would be to make it so that it plugs into both outlets, because mine keeps falling out of the socket. Maybe a plastic plug in the top and the real plug in the bottom would make it more secure?

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  • misssdenise By  misssdenise    

    LUV Glad Plug-ins, just put them in and they make a bathroom smell so good without any effert on my part. All the scents I use smell really good!

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  • britbritniknik By  britbritniknik    

    I love these for my bathroom and kitchen. However, they do not work very well with my open floor plan. I wish they did work better in an open floor plan because i love them!

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  • fas5904 By  fas5904    

    I do enjoy these in my home, but like mentioned above, they really only work best in smaller rooms. I use these only in my bathroom and in the bedrooms. I am not able to smell them in the living room area because of the size of the room. They do have wonderful scents and lasts a long time.

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