Venus Olay Razor

Venus Olay Razor

              Rated #2 in Shaving & Hair Removal
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Best Razor This razor is the best out there! No need for shaving cream or soap or whatever you used to use to get ready to shave! The little bar on the razor takes care of all of that for us! One less step we have to do in the shower! Great razor! Love Venus!

Great Razor/Cost to much Great razor I love this razor but it's costs to much that is the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars

Best razor!! I love this razor because it has the built in soap for a perfect glide with no razor burn! I have used this brand for years and will never change!

The best shaving razor The brand of Venus, has always been the best shaving razor product I have bought. I tried other brands and nothing beats Venus. The razor is amazing and is good for hairy people like myself.

One of my FAVS! First of all, I love the 5 blades. I have very dark and course hair so I need a minimum of 4 blades on any razor to keep from having to shave the same area multiple times. The lotion bars are kind of slimy but I actually liked it. It left my skin silky and soft. The handle grip is also a huge plus for me. I hate not being able to have a good grip on a razor and dropping it in the shower. Over all I am very impressed and will continue to use and purchase this razor!

Impressed I was absolutely impressed with this razor. I have tried tons over the years everytime a new one came out, and always ended up the same way. With this razor, I can actually not use shaving cream on my legs and not get cuts like with other brands. And it leaves my legs really smooth.

Goodbye stubble My skin was so dry and rough before I used this razor now I don't have to worry about cutting myself in places like my ankles and knees super silky skin close shave I love this brand can't live without it I'd love to buy it again

Personally I Like These Razors And The Added Moisture Is A Plus But It's A Little Harder To Get A Closer Shave. Still Overall A Good Product

This razor is very nice. It leaves a smooth shave and the moisturizer strips on the outside almost let you get away without using shave cream. However the blades seem to dull pretty quick but no faster than others I've used.

Better than Breeze I had the Breeze before this razor... Let me say this one kicks the Breeze out of the park. My legs feel so smooth after using!

This razer is amazing! It's one of the only ones I will use because of how much I love the shape for shaving! I don't ever have a problem with cutting myself either!

This razer is amazing! It's one of the only ones I will use because of how much I love the shape for shaving! I don't ever have a problem with cutting myself either!

Love this product! Keeps my legs smooth and beautiful!

I love using olay products on my sensitive skin so when Venus added it to their razor I knew this would be a good razor. I have a skin disorder when I am not able to shave for periods of time and it's hard to find a razor that can keep from any razor burn afterwards. Its my number one and love the coupons I can use towards getting them at the store for a good price.

I love this razor because i don't have to worry about using shaving cream on my legs when I'm taking a shower and I don't cut myself with this razor.