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  • elizaleona By  elizaleona    

    Pretty decent

    I?ve used this at my boyfriend?s house many times- even on my face (acne prone, but not sensitive). It doesn?t dry out my skin as so many products do and I feel that it cleanses pretty well. I often use body wash at home and I wouldn?t mind using this product at all, especially as the fragrance isn't overpowering or gross-smelling.

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  • ShainaCooper By  ShainaCooper    

    Boyfriend Approved.

    My boyfriend says he loves this wash! He said it gets rid of all the grim and dirt from work. Also he comes out the shower smelling amazing!

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  • Bjane88 By  Bjane88    

    My husband really likes this body was. It also smells good

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  • slgirl37 By  slgirl37    

    My husband and son love this body wash! It gets them looking good and smelling great!!

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  • Itstinkerbell By  Itstinkerbell    

    Really great lather and scent. Keeps you smelling fresh all day. It's one of my husbands favorites

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  • Kishme By  Kishme    

    My husband and boys love the scent, not over drying.

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  • gina0722 By  gina0722    

    I bought this for my husband and son. My husband wasn't a big fan because he has very sensitive skin. Our son however, really liked it. He loved the way it smelled mostly

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  • Bekalynn62 By  Bekalynn62    

    Not too shabby of a product! Does it's job, and leaves you feeling clean.

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  • Justmissash By  Justmissash    

    My husband didn't like the scent, but I did. He's used to another product. But that was his only complaint. He liked the after feeling, and how well it worked.

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  • shannonmdavis72912 By  shannonmdavis72912    

    This is my hubby's favorite, and I enjoy the smell too

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  • JMRoberts By  JMRoberts    

    Ted loves this and really likes to use it? I really like when he uses it to as he smells great!

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  • Treewee By  Treewee    

    Ok product, not to fond of the smell

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  • redjessi By  redjessi    

    My husband was impressed w this body wash & I think he smelled wonderful :)

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  • HCousar By  HCousar    

    My husband loves this product and it makes him smell great.

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  • josseline By  josseline    

    My hubby loves this product.

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