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  • Xpinkie_evex By  Xpinkie_evex    


    I love this so much! I've always battled frizzy, crazy hair and this helped me win. A little dollop goes a long way. I recommend applying it after your hair has dried a little but is still damp and not on the roots as it can leave an oily-like appearance and weigh your hair down. Plus, it smells amazeballs!

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  • TaylorMozer By  TaylorMozer    

    Use caution

    Smells amazing. Leaves my hair feeling great. But if you use too much it can leave your hair oily looking.

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  • Anallye By  Anallye    


    I love products that leave my hair smelling good. this is one of them and very light on the hair

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  • etaytshi By  etaytshi    

    Perfect leave-in conditioner

    I love this product. I have thick, very wavy hair, and this provides just the right amount of smoothing to air dry without frizz.

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  • JazzyLykins By  JazzyLykins    

    Hello Hydration

    This helps my extremely dry, curly hair get some life back in it. Not only does it moisturize it but it adds a shine to my hair that it lacks during summertime.

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  • Ciggi0021 By  Ciggi0021    


    I use this when i get right out of the shower. If I'm not going anywhere I just put this in my hair and nothing else. I have very curly and thick hair. So I wear it wet a lot, I feel like this product really does condition my curls.

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  • khall01 By  khall01    

    Made My Hair Dirty

    Smells nice and works as a detangler but left my thick hair feeling greasy instead of less frizzy

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  • bigdogs By  bigdogs    

    Works great on my thick and curly hair. Gives more control. Have been professional hair stylist and salon owner for over 20 years. Would recommend to clients.

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  • enigmaticmom By  enigmaticmom    

    I am a huge Garnier fan. This is the only shampoo, conditioner, and styling products I use. I love this leave in conditioner, it makes my oldest daughter's hair manageable and smooth. Without it her hair is frizzy and snarly.

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  • HippyWifeHippyLife By  HippyWifeHippyLife    

    Fantastic smell. Must have for my super frizzy hair. Can easily be overwhelming if you put too much.

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  • JuanitaM96 By  JuanitaM96    

    seriously LOVE this product !!!!!!! its so helpful on those stubborn knots that dont want to come out ! it smells really great aswell . would recommend this to everyone !

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  • kharris2007 By  kharris2007    

    I didn't care for this product much ...maybe because it's naturally but it didn;t do much for me.

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  • Michelle1215 By  Michelle1215    

    I am a person with thick frizzy hair and unfortunately its hard to find something that works but this works OK now somethings are hard like when u want to put your hair up but it smells great and it works OK i can leave my hair down and since is leave on conditioner it keeps me from struggling with the knots i can easily get.

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  • lindahusker By  lindahusker    

    I really like this, it is thick, so you only need a little, and it smells so nice. It is gentle, as I use it on my 3 year old after every bath, and she too loves the scent!

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  • momof3girls1006 By  momof3girls1006    

    Last a while for how "small" the bottle is. leaves hair silky soft. smells great too

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