Fritolay tostitos scoops

Fritolay tostitos scoops

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Amazing I love these tostitos scoop chips, i actually love making taco salad with them!

Good for their intended purpose I don't generally eat dips that would slide off of a typical chip, however these are great for my chips and dip loving kiddos. They love that they can eat their favorite dips without making a big mess. They're a little big for smaller mouths, but my kids still love them.

Great for dips! Tostitos scoops are necessary for dips! They are a nice little cup size chip.

Chippy goodness I could eat a whole bag of these by myself. They?re great with just salsa or queso, or, as I like to eat them, with buffalo chicken dip. They?re pretty much the perfect size for dipping.

Scoops These make a great snack for dipping or nachos. They hold a good amount of salsa or dip. They are always fresh and crisp.

Great Chips One of the best for salsa and other dips. Have the best taste of any tortilla chips.

DELICIOUS!! This nachos are my favorite. They also have an extremely good salsa and queso.

Good chips Anytime I'm in the mood for chips and dip, these are my go to.

I buy these scoops and use them for all the dips that I make. Love them

Yum LOVE Fritolay tostitos scoops I LOVE Fritolay tostitos scoops. It is so easy to scoop up salsa (my favorite), dip or cheese. it holds the salsa quite well without breaking. I honestly feel these bags only come with one or two broken scoops vs the regular tortillas that always have a bunch broken ones at the bottom. Great day to have some today for Super Bowl.

Perfect for dipping! Fritolay tostitos scoops are delicious and perfect for dipping! They are sturdy so they can hold about anything.

Perfect Bite each time I absolutely love the Tostitos Scoops. I can eat them by themselves. My favorite way to eat them is with montecitos cheese and make the cheesiest nachos. I sent the cheese itself aside and scoop and little or as much cheese in each bite. I also love eating ceviche with them. Again, with the chips aside and scoop. Each bite is perfect. I love because they are thick enough but not too thick. They are also salted just enough and not seasoned so you can pair them with everything.

Decent Good tasting and works good for grabbing up dips. Can be decent priced when you find a sale

Great for dips of any kind. I use these for every party , my family and I love this one

These are my go to chips when I am having dip. I like that they are able to scoop