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  • Michellelbaker By  Michellelbaker    

    I just recently started watching the real. It is honest and they give it to you the honest truth. They talk about everything not just the same crap

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  • Gayle1 By  Gayle1    

    Watch and laugh

    Funny ladies with different view and bring their own style and touch on every day topics.

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  • Hatin2019 By  Hatin2019    

    This show is alright dont really watch it like that but the show helps everyone understand others points of view

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  • TheTruth By  TheTruth    

    They call it the Real for a reason!

    These ladies keep it 100% even if it might be weird, embarrassing or even hurtful at times, but that's what I love about this show. they really Goooo there! From sex, love, reviews on products, home life, babies, racism, food etc. they do it all & they do it while being funny too. My favorite is Girl chat which is how they always start out their show. I would recommend This show to everyone (mostly women, although guys can learn a lot too). all of the women on the show are totally different & have had different backgrounds growing up so almost everyone can relate in some way or another

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  • LadyBryant By  LadyBryant    

    Chatterboxes with no respect.

    Currently watching and I have to say I do not like how Tamar is talking the most and they are constantly talking over eachother. Everyone deserves a chance lady we learned this in GRADE SCHOOL!!!!

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  • tsmith4 By  tsmith4    

    I find that I can't relate to the lifestyle of these women. One of the women on the show makes me not want to watch it....sad, the rest are ok.

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  • dusty54021 By  dusty54021    

    real garbage

    This show is terrible it needs to be cancelled nothing but a bunch of gold digging hoochies on there an there is nothing real about this show the only thing real about this show is it is GARBAGE waste of peoples time needs to be cancelled

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  • stupidity By  stupidity    

    I think this show is horrible their is no diversity its one way i can't believe its still on air but that tv today Tamar is ghetto.

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  • clflanagan91 By  clflanagan91    

    This show is one of my guilty pleasures and one people can not believe I enjoy. While I do admit that the show is rather ghetto and can be a little fake at times I do love the diversity of the group. Loni Love and Tamera are by far my favorite and they seem to just be their selves. Some episodes are more enjoyable than others. Its more reliable to a younger audience than shows like the view which seems to target older adults.

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  • lsouthwen By  lsouthwen    

    Oh my goodness! Could this show be any more ghetto??? The only host on this show that I like is Tamara. She is classy and easy to watch. The others, however, are beyond annoying!!! Tamar being the absolute worst!!! If I hear her ridiculous little laugh or hear her say "YYYEEESSSSSS" one more time I will vomit! I truly cannot believe this show is even allowed on the air. Besides being ghetto, the stupid game show theme that they seem to use so often is just plain cheezey. This show replaced Steve Harvey in my area and I would kill to get him back. I would give this 0 stars if that were allowed. Tamar..........go back to the ghetto where you belong and flip your wig in your hood, but stay off TV because you just can't cut it!

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  • Kapries By  Kapries    

    Did like but now there is too much bickering.

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  • Softkitty86 By  Softkitty86    

    I thought I would watch this show once since I'm a fan of Tamera but man I couldn't even get through the whole thing!! They all try to out-do one another...So annoying!!! I wouldn't be surprised if this show gets cancelled.

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  • ima_lil_galaxy By  ima_lil_galaxy    

    I absolutely hate this talk show. The panel isn't diverse, they're fake and the criticize everything. It's so negative and judgmental. They offer no value like they promoted the show to be. It' s plastic surgery and nit picking. I'll pass.

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  • Qualitydr62 By  Qualitydr62    

    I HATE this talk show. It's a bunch of awful women talking over each other and been mean and FAKE. I will never watch this again

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  • frisco By  frisco    

    I can't get this is my area, but I just love Tamera.

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