Fox Prison Break

Fox Prison Break

              Rated #45 in Television Shows
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88% Recommended
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I loved watching this show, there was always so much action and drama. I didn't too much care for the ending of the show but it was still a great show.

Great prison drama one to watch The acting in this is the best I've seen in decades great cast everything you'd want in a show like this I was on the edge of my seat the whole time I'd recommend this to all

I loved Prison Break the show was full of really good actors and there were lots of twists and turns on each episode that me watching it every week.

Fantastic. Gripping. Original. You have to wonder about the main character's sanity level from time to time, but still really am amazing show.

Great Show.

Wish they made more, but i guess that would have been hard to do...

I LOVED this series. The plot & the action were great!! The idea of a person going to the lengths Michael did to free his brother were mind-blowing!!! The first two seasons were exciting and keep the viewer on their toes. Unfortunately, as things often happen in TV Land, the writers seem to run adrift. The Third season was disappointing in the plot and action. But as a faithful viewer, I hung in N the whole, it still gets great marks from me!

Just finished watching all the seasons on Netflix, such a wonderfully writting show....All the dots connect, everyone has a great role and does it so well. Besides Michael is amazing!

the first and second season was really good. the third season went downhill and i found myself struggling to finish it...