Fox Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Fox Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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Starts shaky but quickly hits its stride I was surprised how much I've grown to like this show. The first half of the season was rough, but as the ensemble grew stronger and the writers/directors figured out how to best utilize Andy Samburg and Chelsea Perretti, the show became much more enjoyable. I really appreciate that its progressive and inclusive without being preachy, and the jokes aren't punching down or mean-spirited. There's real heart amongst the comedy and the show rewards long-time viewers with callbacks and character growth. The recurring guest stars are often great. You can feel a definite tonal connection with the Office and Parks and Rec (they share producing and writing staff), but it is also distinct. The downside is they go to the undercover well far too often for plot ideas.

funny show My husband and I watch this show, it is always so funny. All of the characters are hilarious

Me and my boyfriend have hulu just for this show. He's watched it probably a dozen times and then we watched it together while he was overseas. The comedy is perfect and I loved every episode.

Absolutely hilarious show When the show first aired I had absolutely NO interest in watching it. One day my brother showed me a clip of a scene that someone had posted on social media, and I laughed hysterically. I watched the scene over and over, laughing just as hard each time. I found that my local library had the DVDS available for checkout, and binged the first few seasons very quickly. I highly recommend giving this show a chance! There are not many TV characters I love as much as Captain Holt!

Comedic Geniuses! When Brooklyn Nine-Nine first aired I honestly thought I'd hate everything about the show, so i figured it wasnt worth watching- until one night, my husband was hysterically laughing for 15 minutes. I decided to go see what show could possibly have him in hysterics- low and behold, it was Brooklyn Nine Nine. Needless to say ive been addicted ever since. It's got to be one of the best comedies on TV right now, hands down. It's a "Cop Show" but its full of brilliant comedic moments, which takes away the real-life heaviness of each episode. The entire cast is amazing and they all play their parts perfectly, especially Andy Samberg. I would definitely recommend giving it a looksy if you're into both Comedy and Crime.

Hilarious and unique It's impossible to watch this show and not laugh. Every character is so unique and hilarious in their own special ways. Andy Samberg is excellent. Can't ever get enough of this shit!

ANDY Samberg is at his best My husband and I love this show! Lots of laughs and is full of heart. That's hard to find in comedy shows these days

This show is just too funny, my husband and I watch this on hulu

Wonderful! One of the best comedies out there. It is a cop show, but sometimes you forget that serious things are happening because they make you laugh the whole way through. It is not just one type of humor either, I believe they have jokes for everyone. I would recommend giving it a try if you like cop shows and comedy.

In for a laugh This show is funny, no character is the same; they are all funny and weird in their own way.

Hilarious My fiance and I love this show. It's funny and I love Adam Sandberg.

Andy Samberg and the rest of the cast are hilarious in this show! Characters are well developed for a comedy, and story lines are entertaining as hell. It's also not as vulgar as other cop comedies