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Folgers Coffee

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coffee snob here. I like Folgers darker roast. I purchase the original roast at times because the container is slightly larger than the dark roast. I do like to get more for my money but prefer the darker roast. Folgers is a brand I gravitate towards especially if its on sale .

Can?t go wrong with Folgers in your cup Folgers coffee is my go to for my morning coffee, it?s git a rich consistent flavor and is a great bang for your buck

A family tradition! Folgers is my favorite coffee and has been for many years. My parents drank it and so do I.

Great Flavor nice brand, tastes great, drunk it for a long time

Folgers My parents drank Folgers for as long as I could remember! I also love Folgers . . . it's one of my go to's.

my go-to brand Folgers Coffee is still one of my favorite go to brands. I love Folgers. I love the taste. I love that the classic roast is not a strong bitter coffee taste. I have been buying this brand for a long time and will continue to buy this particular Folgers Coffee.

Absolutely delicious... Folgers classic roast is my absolute favorite coffee. It smells so amazing, especially when I smell it when I first get up in the morning. It has a smooth taste and you can make it weak or as strong as you want it. I don't like my coffee strong and just a couple scoops makes the perfect tasting coffee. Folgers coffee is easy on my stomach also. Some coffee brands make my stomach hurt. I wake up everyday with Folgers in my home. It's absolutely delicious...

our favorite coffee we use folgers classic every day. it has great flavor. we have even converted others to use folgers. it just taste so much better

Folgers has always been a trusted brand of coffee for several years, the mild-medium flavors are appealing.

Waking Up This used to be my go to coffee and I would get it in a pinch. I love the way it smells when you first open it and the taste is pretty awesome too!

good tasting This coffee is pretty good tasting as it has a nice bold flavor. It is the preferred coffee at my church

Folgers In Your Cup. The best brand for me, especially in the morning. I have got to have this specific brand or I will not have a good start to my day. Fresh, Flavorful, And a great price. I feel you get every dollar's worth when buying from this brand. I have been a Folgers Kind of girl for over 15 years.

Folgers I love Folgers coffee! "It's the best part of waking up, is Folgers in your cup"!

Classic It s a comforting classic for me it is the coffe that my parents drank and it is smooth and very good

Only Folgers For Me Folgers is like a family tradition. My dad drank it, I drink it and now my daughter drinks it. I have tried other coffees but I keep coming back to Folgers....