Febreze Air Effects

Febreze Air Effects

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Smells so clean! This smells just like what I remember my grandmother?s sheets smelling like as a child. She lived in the country and always dried them on a clothesline in the sun. This fragrance makes my home smell fresh and clean. I spray a little before guests arrive and I always get compliments. My guests think I have been cleaning all day.

I love Febreze I have a can in each room and love the different fragrances they offer, I will always use these products.

Love the sprays and have been using for years. There is a can in almost every room or stash in the linen closet. One in car for travels. One at work...

Love it! Smells great and the fragrance last a long time

Love this product. Several fragrances to select from. I like the seasonal ones 🎄🎃 as well as the fresh clean smell ☔️💨 the best.

keeps it word!!! definitely eliminates odors!!!!! i am a huge febreze fan:)

Febreze Air Effects is amazing, I have always used Febreze products and I alway will, they don't just cover up the smell like the other brands do, when you use Febreze products the smell is gone! Also everyone one of the different scents that I have used from the Febreze brand has always had a very nice clean scent. You should really give Febreze Air Effects a try.

YES YES YES! My inner clean freak adores this product! Especially in the fall... I spray the Pumpkin Spice daily all over my home and car! I love how long the smell sticks around, unlike with other brands that quickly fade away.

Freshens really foul smelly odor.... HOWEVER, disappointed that it doesn't LAST as long as I would like. I do like how they're are always discounts or coupons to make it a cheap purchase.

Leaves everything smelling clean...................and fresh.. no more embarrassing odors! YAY!

Havings twin sons and a husband in the house I use this spray quite often. It really freshens the room and eliminates nasty odors. It's my favorite brand and I like the spray dispenser which is comfortable on the hand and easy to use also.

I LOVE Febreze Air Effects. I am a mom to 3, though 4 if you count my husband ;) and so there are always smells that need covering up. With one still in diapers just opening the trash can sometimes you can get hit with a big ole smelly dirty diaper smell which is never fun. I love that with Febreze there are so many different scents to choose from and since you can always find coupons out there its never crazy expensive. With how long it lasts and how well it works its definitely worth buying over the cheaper options. My most favorite thing would have to be that it doesn't just mix with whatever smell you are trying to cover up but actually eliminates it. I mean no one wants to walk in to a bathroom and get hit with a scent of man poop mixed with flowers lol.

I have a can of this spray that may possibly have lasted me an entire year!! Not because I never used it, no. But because I have a scent obsession and have thousands of cans in my home, haha. But this spray in particular is AMAZING! I save it to use on my biggest of stinks, i.e. the cat had a litterbox explosion, or my son's bedroom after an all-boy sleepover. Whew! Febreeze Air Effects has saved my life on many an occasion.

Love this spary!! Leave the room smelling fresh and clean compare to any other spary it's the best one out there!!!

i love this product main reason it leaves a fresh perfumed scent I've tried other brands of air freshener and it tends to leave a sour smell behind which is so gross due to the fact I'm trying to eliminate odor not get it...... i also love the multiple scents its made in so i can always change it. we use it alot in the car works great to get that food smell out and have the car smelling clean fresh and breathable.