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  • 1bets1 By  1bets1    

    My favorite!

    This yogurt is by far the best out there. Nice and thick, with a creamy taste. I also use it in place of sour cream.

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  • Hawkswin8819 By  Hawkswin8819    

    The best yogurt out there

    Ive tried other brands of Greek Yogurt but Fage is by far the best. It's thick & creamy and perfect as a stand alone yogurt (I add in a sweetener of my choice & fruit!) or I sometimes use it in place of Mayo when making salad dressings. Its delicious & healthy =)

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  • Irenes By  Irenes    

    Creamy Fage Greek yogurt

    Fage Greek yogurt is plain tasty thick creamy that you could add honey with nuts or marmalade

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  • Hrudicil5 By  Hrudicil5    

    Not much different than sour cream

    We used this to replace sour cream on tacos, chili etc. I also use this to bake yummy cakes and muffins.

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  • Claudia1991 By  Claudia1991    

    High protein

    I love the high protein in Greek yogurt and I especially love fage because it offers plain nonfat options. I sometimes mix fruit and honey to mine for extra nutrients and flavor

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  • mariasays By  mariasays    

    Total is the only original greek yogurt

    I am Greek, i live in Greece and i can confirm that this is the best Greek yogurt ! soft, tasty not so " thick" as other Greek yogurts ! it is the best yogurt for eating your cereal with , with rice or you can add in the total small cubes of cucumber !!! Total is the only original greek yogurt !

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  • alleesyi By  alleesyi    

    Fage greek 0%fat or 2%fat yogurt either plain or flavored is the best yogurt I have ever tried. It is thick, rich and tastes decadent. I love that it has plenty of protein making it a worthwhile snack. I would recommend this to family and friends with out hesitation, can't wait to go to the store and buy more.

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  • soreta By  soreta    

    the best healthy yogurt brand rich and high in protein i always buy it

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  • tzdelar By  tzdelar    

    This is my favorite Greek yogurt and I've tried a few.

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  • vieprivee1 By  vieprivee1    

    GREAT yogurt. Rich and creamy and delicious! A great treat!

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  • maradra1983 By  maradra1983    

    This yogurt is one of my favorite! Its creamy and thick, great for my cereal and my cooking!

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  • madupers By  madupers    

    I liked this yogurt but it is not my favorite: it is not very sweet, I would say it even has a little aftertaste. It is more expensive than other brands. I would recommend it for those who like plain yogurt.

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  • spindrift By  spindrift    

    Fage pretty much writes the book on Greek yogurt. Once I tasted this product, I never went back to flavored cups.

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  • edjona By  edjona    

    Boy, does this yogurt bring back memories. I lived in Greece for 3 years and Fage was huge there obviously. Ever since then I have enjoyed it. It is extra thick just like plain yogurt should be. I like it mixed in with rice for lunch or dinner and mixed with honey, nuts and fruits for dessert. Yum. I must say though that being an Eastern European I make a mean plain yogurt myself.

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  • ELW83014 By  ELW83014    

    the yogurt has a different taste but over all good

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