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  • Kittykatt1976 By  Kittykatt1976    


    I've always been a big fan of this show should win several awards/Oscars what's not to like the real McCoy not to be missed you'll want to binge watch this/play on repeat

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  • Washburn17 By  Washburn17    

    Best show ever

    One of my favorite shows of all time. Wish it wouldnt have ended so soon. The violence, the love, etc. Everything about this show is amazing. I currently have every season, but the last one and yet i am still rewatching it again.

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  • jackiew0929 By  jackiew0929    

    My favorite show of all time I wish it was still on the air

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  • poohbear10219 By  poohbear10219    

    While I am not a fan of violence, I still love this show. I really grew to love the characters. This is one show my husband and I watch together.

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  • belleofthenorth By  belleofthenorth    

    one star is too much for this crap! went in with an opened mind, and was highly disappointed and quite bored with this. i dont know how it stays on(if it still does). The cast was crap. the acting, crap. who cares about anything they were doing. sucks. dont waste ya energy turning it on. majorly sucked!!!!!

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  • Skennon By  Skennon    

    One of my favorite shows, ever. But, you must have a strong stomach and be ok with extreme violence on each episode. Certainly not for the faint of heart. Character development has been a plus with this series because you really start to see what makes them tick and you can appreciate why they do what they do each week.

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  • Skyvark By  Skyvark    

    Best series I have ever watched. Not a single episode disappoints. This cannot be said about ANY other series, no matter how good, there is usually a few lame episodes.. Not for sons!!!

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  • Familymatters By  Familymatters    

    We always liked this show and are missing is so much now that it has ended. It wasn't one of those shows that everyone was interested in yet when you get past all the roughness and grit and questionable activities, at the heart of it all was a young man who had such deep rooted need for family and love and truth and a mother who would literally stop at nothing to do what she felt was needed. RIP Jax!

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  • Qmorgs By  Qmorgs    

    This is the type of show that has me spending half of my time binge watching episodes to see what could possibly happen next and... well avoiding the show because I can't take anymore, I just can't, too many feeeeelings. Love this show.

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  • HappyMomma1 By  HappyMomma1    

    I've watched ever single episode and now that the series has ended I'm thinking about starting from the beginning and watching it all again! Awesome show. I definitely cried through the entire last episode.

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  • kturner82 By  kturner82    

    Sons of Anarchy has been a show my husband and myself always watched every Tuesday night. We really liked the story lines and they kept us intrigued. I was sad to see it end :( This show is a must watch!

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  • ishibishi By  ishibishi    

    Love it! This show is amazing. I wasn't sure at first if my husband and I were going to like it. We started watching it and didn't want to stop. I am sad to see that this show will be ending soon though! Another amazing show that will be done! There are so many twists and turns it keeps you on your seats!

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  • cupidbaby0311 By  cupidbaby0311    

    I've been a loyal follower since the very first episode. One of my absolute favorite shows on TV and I'm SO sad that this is the last season! I have no idea what I'm going to look forward to come Sept. anymore. It has everything a normal woman doesn't experience in everyday life. Violence, drugs, guns, porn stars, ext - we can fantasize at least ;) Jax!!

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  • Jenaflower79 By  Jenaflower79    

    So sad to see it coming to its last season! It had violence,sex,and bikers... Who could ask for more?! One of my favorites!

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  • lickysplitnik By  lickysplitnik    

    I recently started watching this series on netflix! I am addicted me and my hubby watch it ! So good

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