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  • Rodentiareviews By  Rodentiareviews    

    Great, if it's a free subscription.

    I love this magazine every month for the "on season" recipies" but they seem expensive to make and not my kind of cuisine. I don't know if I'll renew my subscription.

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  • KasperGrl By  KasperGrl    

    Fun cooking magazine

    I am such a big fan of Rachael Ray and I love this magazine! I love all the different kinds of recipes included.

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  • rhetstokes By  rhetstokes    

    I love this magazine. My favorite thing is the healthy makeover-ed recipe section. There is a much bigger variety of recipes here than on Rachel Ray's show.

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  • Treewee By  Treewee    

    Not very interested in this magazine. Recipes were not my flavor

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  • frisco By  frisco    

    Love this magazine. Some of the recipes are harder or have more steps that I prefer, but I do like it a lot!

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  • buteeful By  buteeful    

    I would love to have a subscription to this magazine. I get a couple of issues now and then, but i really cannot wait until I am able to get this all the time. There are great articles and recipes. She knows what she is doing.

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  • Coreen69 By  Coreen69    

    I love her recipe ideas. They are extremely easy to follow and I can actually find all the ingredients at the store.

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  • lesh4537 By  lesh4537    

    I got this magazine free through something I signed up for. I think after the subscription is over I am renewing. I really like some of the recipes in the magazine. The best part of the layout of the magazine is the two page layout of all the recipes in the issue. I love being able to see it and flip right to the page rather than flipping through trying to find a recipe that I wanted to make.

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  • nommie83 By  nommie83    

    I really enjoy this magazine. I look forward to getting in the mail every month. It has great recipes.

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  • akumm001 By  akumm001    

    Love Rachel Ray and her magazine is great. Good recipes for every cook and occasion. Good tips and reviews. There is even a page each month for your family pets.

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  • tealvr By  tealvr    

    This magazine makes me smile. The recipes and articles but just seeing the cover every month sticking out of my mailbox.

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  • MamaTutu By  MamaTutu    

    I am a big RR fan and love this magazine! I go through every issue and take out recipes I cannot wait to try and this past holiday season, I used some of the homemade gift ideas!

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  • ssmith415 By  ssmith415    

    I used to be a subscriber of this magazine - however I found some of the recipes to be involved and include ingredients that I don't keep in my kitchen!

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  • gg2manpa By  gg2manpa    

    This is a new one for me. I just received my first issue and man is it packed with yummy recipes. My husband actually picked it up and started to read it.

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