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   By SheSpeaksTeam  Sep 24, 2014

Are you a black coffee, straightforward, no-nonsense type? Or a double-frothy, double bubbly cappuccino lover? Maybe you’re a late night sipper? Or a health-conscious de-caffer?
Why not enter our latest Giveaway to win a Keurig Coffemaker so you can be adventurous and try them all? *
More than 80% of Americans drink coffee, which is the USA’s largest food import and second most valuable commodity after oil. Some of us will only buy it at Dunkin Donuts, others stand in line at Starbucks, and for others the local convenience store or whatever is in the break room will do just fine.

But have you ever wondered if there’s any truth to the theory that the type of coffee you drink may be saying something about you? For instance:

Black Coffee Drinkers  
  • Like to keep things simple
  • Patient
  • Purists
  • Minimalists
Latte Drinkers  
  • Comfort seekers
  • Will go out of their way to help others
  • Open books
Blended Coffee Drinkers  
  • Trendsetting
  • Spontaneous
  • Imaginative
  • Socially bold
  • Friendly
Decaf/Soy Drinkers  
  • Perfectionists
  • Sensitive
  • Discerning
  • Focus on making healthy choices
Instant Coffee Drinkers  
  • Laid back
  • Procrastinators
  • Traditional in some ways
  • Take life as it comes
  •  Cheerful 
Espresso Drinkers  
  • Charismatic
  • Energetic
  • Know what they want
  • Have a lot of life experience
  • Smooth talkers

Or maybe, like us, you're best-described as a K-Cup Coffee Drinker? If so, just tell us in the comments below HOW YOU LIKE TO DRINK YOUR COFFEE and you'll automatically be entered in our Keurig Giveaway! Here are the particulars, and good luck!



This Keurig K79 Giveaway includes a My K-Cup filter, a water filter starter kit, 16 Diet Snapple Lemon Iced Tea K-Cups, 14 Dunkin Donuts Original Blend K-Cups, 16 Green Mountain Naturals K-Cups, and a 12-count K-Cup variety pack and features:
  • Hot water on demand
  • Rinse button dispenses 4 oz of hot water for cleaning between cycles
  • 72-oz water reservoir
  • Five brew sizes: 4 oz, 6 oz, 8 oz, 10 oz, and 12 oz
  • Brewer temperature adjusts 187-192F
  • Quiet Brew technology
  • Removable drip tray
  • Approximate measurements:12-1/2"H x 10"L x 14"W, weighs 11 lbs, 5 oz

*This giveaway is open through Oct.17th to USA residents over 18 years of age. One entry per person. No purchase necessary.

Congratulations to Winner:  pcook67


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nannybrister by nannybrister | leander, TX
Jul 06, 2016

Black and fast!

nannybrister by nannybrister | leander, TX
Jul 06, 2016

Black and fast!

Shizzlesbabydoll by Shizzlesbabydoll | kingsport, TN
Oct 06, 2015

Anything with caffeine :)

KarenBlasier by KarenBlasier | Goodman, WI
Sep 28, 2015

I love my morning coffee, which I drink either as a flavored coffee with creamer, or with a flavored creamer!

missinglynx by missinglynx | GLOUCESTER, MA
Sep 25, 2015

Kcups with cream and sugar :) french roast!

Pinkpurplehaze by Pinkpurplehaze | Burlington, WI
Sep 25, 2015

Hot dark blends with a touch of real cane sugar.

SaabStory by SaabStory | Roselle, IL
Sep 03, 2015

Sweet and over ice!

jaharris318 by jaharris318 | Norton Shores, MI
Aug 31, 2015

I like to drink my coffee with TONS of flavored creamer, love the caramel mocha and the limited edition favors. I miss my keurig so much I got one for Mother's Day and it broke that was 2 years ago haven't been able to get a new one yet I would love to win this giveaway

DeanneLaury by DeanneLaury | LAKE FOREST, CA
Aug 28, 2015

I like to put a little sugar and cream in my coffee, and I drink it hot most of the time but I do have one iced coffee a day too.

Jun 30, 2015

I like my coffee dark, yet slightly sweet, where both the aroma and the caffeine wake me up.

suffolk by suffolk | CHERRY HILL, NJ
Oct 28, 2014

On a cool yet not winter day I just need a cup of coffee with my new soft throw and a good talk show!

typninmypjs by typninmypjs | HASTINGS, MN
Oct 22, 2014

My favorite is dark roast coffee with Cold Stone creamer and a touch of milk.

StefKelsey by StefKelsey | BOILING SPGS, PA
Oct 22, 2014

I'm a combo of an Espresso Drinker and a Blended. Ordering takes a while, and I make my own even better. The traits actually match, too.

JanieAnderson by JanieAnderson | LAS VEGAS, NV
Oct 18, 2014

I'm a Latte drinker who loves coffee! And who has never had one of these. So I would stand on my head and drink my coffee even with my migraines.lol

anitamitchell32 by anitamitchell32 | NOEL, MO
Oct 18, 2014

I drink mine black most of the time,but not always.