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  • UrsulaFoster By  UrsulaFoster    

    Owned em for 5yrs & still like new

    The best - truly worth the investment - very soft sturdy brushes PERFECT for EVERY crack & crevice & so easy to clean

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  • JazzyLykins By  JazzyLykins    


    I bought these brushes two years ago. They are still working like they did the day I bought them. Only complaint is that they don't do too well with what they are labeled as.

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  • shannonaaawoods By  shannonaaawoods    


    very soft but not to soft to not pick up product and blends makeup very good

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  • liz8762 By  liz8762    

    cant wait to try

    i really want to try this brushes i have heard great things about it

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  • Danishaj12 By  Danishaj12    

    Ugreat quality brushes that arent exspensive at all but not cheap either but they are well worth the price the brushes are soft and they last long ,

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  • mindyg By  mindyg    

    Great set!

    This is a great set to have! The brushes are soft, and the bristles are good quality. The bamboo handles look awesome, are sturdy, and the brushes last forever when cleaned properly.

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  • Chay_Rich By  Chay_Rich    

    Love this product, easy to use, easy to clean and easy to store. My #1 brushes.

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  • TaylorMarie96 By  TaylorMarie96    

    All I can say is yes yes yes! Great product and not too expensive!

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  • sbushnick By  sbushnick    

    I love these brushes. Very soft, high quality, very reasonable price. They hold up well over time

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  • Lacielynne By  Lacielynne    

    The Eco tool set is amazing. The handle is very smooth. The brush is very soft on the eye and makes application easy and fast.

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  • Loveforlies123 By  Loveforlies123    

    I bought this set at ulta for $12 last year and I thought that they were excellent! I still have them to this day too! They don't shed and I always am able to perfect the look because of the softness of these brushes. 10/10 should buy!

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  • LauritaAlways By  LauritaAlways    

    I bought this when I first started doing eye makeup for the first time in my high school years. It was a nice purchase in my opinion. The bristles were soft and easy to use with. It didn't flake easily. I liked the fact it was very affordable and was available in a drugstore. It can never go wrong with that!

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  • Blessingb By  Blessingb    

    Very good brushes blend and apply very well and not to spendy!

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  • Lupitaa17 By  Lupitaa17    

    Super soft brushes and they blend very well.

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  • bunnyears By  bunnyears    

    best drugstore brushes

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