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  • tripichick By  tripichick    

    good baby food

    Non-binary first-born thrived on Earth's Best green beans. They dipped cheese slices in them for a healthy snack.

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  • stretchybones By  stretchybones    

    Good flavors, baby really likes

    This review applies specifically to the Earth's Best Organic Stage 3, Pumpkin, Cranberry & Apple flavor. I originally purchased these on a deal. The flavors sounded good but I was a little worried that the cranberry would be too sour. Fortunately, that has not been an issue at all, and he seems to really like them. They are on the sweeter side, but have good ingredients and vitamins, so I'm glad he really likes them.

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  • Sa60237 By  Sa60237    

    Loved the natural ingredients and the good price as well. my daughter likes all the ones with fruit.

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  • Rnanunez7 By  Rnanunez7    

    Yummy Yummy in his tummy

    My son loved the fruit he's totally into bananas multiple of these a day no problems highly recommended for your children healthy and easy to feed to them.

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  • Amieconway22 By  Amieconway22    

    Best baby food!!!

    Loved the natural ingredients and my daughter loved it too!

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  • Lauralava By  Lauralava    

    All natural happiness

    Organic, all natural baby food. No fillers. Happy baby. Happy mama. They ate the entire jar in a flash!

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  • Starr17 By  Starr17    

    Great organic baby food although i chose to make my own baby food. It is a great alternative when you don't have the time to make it yourself

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  • sugarhye By  sugarhye    

    This was my go to item when my daughter was working on solids. My mom wanted to rep everything and blend it down. That was too much work for me. especially with me working. She loved almost all the fruits and veggies.

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  • mevsthree By  mevsthree    

    Great food for baby!

    Earth's Best baby food has been a long time hit in our house! I love that it is organic baby food, so I know my baby is getting the best. My kids love the taste, I love all the variety they have to offer and once in a while you can even find coupons which makes them even better!

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  • JWash225 By  JWash225    

    Earth's Best Baby Food

    All three of my kids have enjoyed Earth's Best. They have great combinations filled with organic fruits and vegetables. My only complaint would be that any food with pears always has a funny smell, which I never noticed with any other brand of baby food.

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  • Mandiboler By  Mandiboler    

    Great Brand, Trusted Ingredients, But Too Watered Down

    I love that this brand doesn't have added ingredients. I was one of those moms who started researching brand name formulas and baby food and got super paranoid. But I love that this organic brand has only the vegetable or fruit and water. My only complaint with this is that it seems a little more watered down than other brands or organic foods. My baby loves this baby food though, especially sweet potatoes!

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  • hannahg321 By  hannahg321    

    Great food

    My baby loved this food! I loved that its organic. He is now 19 months old and eating table food but I still purchase this for when I cant get him to eat....he will eat this for me!

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  • bluebananas5 By  bluebananas5    

    Standard Mass Produced Baby Food

    I exclusive made my son's baby food, but on the odd occasion I needed some fast food I choose Earth's Best. My son did not like the texture of this food. I do not think this food is any different than any other organic mass produced baby food.

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  • HippieMommy By  HippieMommy    

    Organic babyfood

    This is a great organic babyfood. I feed my son this and he is a super picky eater. He eats this with no problems. I love that it's organic and healthy for my little guy.

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  • Latinchic By  Latinchic    

    Love this! My daughter loved all the products from this brand. It's a lot cheaper than the pouches. The babies love the flavor.

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