EOS  Lip Balm Sphere

EOS Lip Balm Sphere

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EOS Lip Balm Sphere is my most favorite EOS Lip Balm goes on smooth last a long time and softens your lips, keeps your lips from getting chapped in cold weather and drying out in the summertime weather, this brand always has nice scents and flavors, the sphere container is small enough to carry whether in your pocket or purse and keeps the product fresh until used up also makes it easy to apply.

Wonderful product. I love this product ! I been using EOS products for many years. I love everything about them. They make my lips so soft. I use it twice a day.

Use this daily!! Love it! Makes my lips feel aoft without feeling greasy or leaving a weird taste in your mouth.

I actually love this stuff as a good quality effective product. Smells amazing with many different scents to choose from, actually has the benefits it's supposed to effectively etc. but the round sphere design while cute & unique, is just absolutely horrible and annoying for someone who likes to carry their lip balm with them at all times without the hassle of carrying any type of purse or bag to do so with. (Ie jean pocket carrying preference) too big and bulky and all around uncomfortable to carry in pants pockets. I'm glad the stick design was made finally.

Almost Perfect This little gem has become iconic--and it is no wonder. With its unique shape, variety of flavors and price point, it is a winner for sure. But nothing is perfect, so here goes: If I could change one thing it would be that *some* (the minty flavor, most notably) go on with a bit of a gritty feeling. As in, the product leaves fine particles on my lips sometimes. It is not a dealbreaker necessarily but I wish it were more smooth.

Cute packaging but doesn't do what it promises. This is absolutely not worth the price. This has never once moisturized my lips, and we have tried on multiple occasions. The packaging is cute, but that's about as far as it goes. When I put on lip moisturizer I want a deep lasting moisturizer. This isn't that.

Great lip balm I love this balm because it makes my lips feel so smooth, especially during the winter months, when my lips are prone to chapping.

love itttttt i love it it last a long time and it makes my lips so soft

LOVE I love these little lip balms. I always keep one in my desk at work. They feel great on the lips and keep my lips hydrated, especially in the winter!

Essential purse item Always my companion. Prevents my lips from cracking and drying especially in the winter months. Can be found in every girl's purse.

Creamy Texture!!!!! I love Eos Lip Balms and i have such a huge collection!!!! I even save the cute sphere packaging once finished since I love the unique designs/colors. This Eos Lip Balm Sphere leaves my lips feeling creamy rather then silky, and transfers lightly...But my lips are left feeling soo hydrated and nourished, so this one is another win for me!!

I don't find anything special about this product. It seems like it does the bear minimum. The shape is not helping eaither,they roll off,you drop them.

Cute Moisturises really well but the overall size and shape is kinda inconvenient, smells good tho

Cute but nothing special These are cute little lip glosses, but they are bulky and average lip gloss. They do stay shut because they have a crew top lid which is nice, but otherwise I think they are just average lip gloss.

Good Balm Love this lip balm only complaint is size making it hard to fit into smaller purses.