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  • saintdeb2 By  saintdeb2    

    I love the smooth feeling of this product. It smells wonderful and really works to keep me dry. I would highly recommend this product.

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  • Linsey87 By  Linsey87    


    It smells good and last a good while but it leaves a residue feel that I dont care for

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  • Tinah1234 By  Tinah1234    

    Very smooth and I love all the dove products! It's all I use!

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  • slachance20 By  slachance20    

    Dove Deodorants

    I love dove and their deodorants. This one goes on incredibility smoothe and smells amazing. Highly recommend.

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  • kharris2007 By  kharris2007    

    I love DOVE and I like how the scent lasts me all day. I do notice how the white powder often stains my clothes and can be quite messy but I do love the different scents.

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  • TARA1178 By  TARA1178    

    This is the only brand of deodorant that I will use. All of the different fragrances smell great and it helps keep you dry most of the time. I would give this s 5 star if this was clinical strength.

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  • Beautyblissnbluejeans By  Beautyblissnbluejeans    

    Lovely scented deodorant. Glides on smoothly. Works well when not sweating a lot. But feels if it's extremely hot or stressful, it falls short.

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  • Love_freestuff By  Love_freestuff    

    I've been using this disarray for quite a while now i use to like it because it smelled nice and it is smooth. But lately I feel like I been having to be constantly reapplying some deodorant because it doesn't last as long as it says it does.

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  • AngelxVanity By  AngelxVanity    

    I love it, I use it myself.

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  • Gabbiecat By  Gabbiecat    

    Love the scent, love the smoothness, and LOVE having to shave less!

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  • refusetosink619 By  refusetosink619    

    Love this

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  • nazthegreat1 By  nazthegreat1    

    It kind of works, just dont expect amazing results.

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  • kandrews82 By  kandrews82    

    I do not always stay dry using this type of deodorant. I need something stronger.

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  • pepperok By  pepperok    

    Best deordant I have ever used.

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  • lickysplitnik By  lickysplitnik    

    Good protection goes on smooth no residue afterwords but kind of pricey

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