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  • ValSamons1 By  ValSamons1    

    Highly recommended

    Absolutely love this product!!! Smells great and last a long time!! Must try

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  • HallieAllie By  HallieAllie    

    Dove Beauty Finish Dry Spray does dry fast and it is easy to spray out. It keeps me dry.

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  • Keniamejia By  Keniamejia    

    I like this deodorant spray it protects me for a long time I love its smell

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  • mallgirl By  mallgirl    

    A game changer for spray deodorant

    It dries quickly and doesn't feel sticky at all. It works well, and I'm so happy with this!

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  • 20manderz08 By  20manderz08    

    user friendly

    works well and lasts long and is very easy to use.

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  • Extremelyhonest01 By  Extremelyhonest01    

    Recommend 100 percent

    Amazing product!! smells great, dry after applying, does not cause any discomfort. Does not stain clothing

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  • techgurl By  techgurl    

    Beautiful scent

    Love everything thing about this just need to last a bit longer on skin.

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  • aliciamarie3 By  aliciamarie3    


    Love the scent and love that my skin says soft but dry!

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  • designgirl97 By  designgirl97    

    Great Spray Deodorant

    I have been using this deodorant for the past few months now. I originally got it to keep at my desk at work because colleagues would frequently ask to borrow my deodorant and I did not want to share the stick. I am very pleased with the quality and variety of scents available. I wish that it lasted a little longer throughout the day and think it is great for intermittent touch ups.

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  • Lovey2000 By  Lovey2000    

    Works very nicely, just need it to last a little longer throughout the day

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  • nimarahbar By  nimarahbar    

    Smells Great!

    Great smell!! Love this deodorant but there is white marks! Also it does not last more than a few hours. But with one touch up you can finish the day strong!

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  • Tannerbabes19 By  Tannerbabes19    

    My favorite!!!!!!

    This by far has been the best deoderant i have ever used before!! Its very lite feeling and the aerosol spray, sprays directly where i want it to. My underarms are instantly dry and their is no white residue which is a plus especially when i wear black. The scent lasts all day too and i can still smell the scent after the gym. People walking behind me at the gym always compliment me on my perfume until i tell them its my dove deoderant!

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  • JCrutch04 By  JCrutch04    

    Smells good at first, but wears off after a few hours.

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  • chajo55 By  chajo55    


    This is one of my favorite deoderants its good for sensitive skin, it lasts a long time and it smells so good.

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  • Tayler05 By  Tayler05    


    I like that it goes on dry. It smells nice. The antiperspirant does not last all day if it?s very hot. Decent product.

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