Dawn Power Clean

Dawn Power Clean

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Best dishpan It only takes a few drops of dawn to clean an entire sink full of dishes. It you soak any stuck on food in it the stuck on food will wipe right off

Awesome! Dawn dish soap is all we use. It only takes a little even for a large amount of dishes. Cleans stuck on food in no time. The best dish soap.

love this dish liquid I love Dawn dish liquid. I find it cuts through grease easily and thoroughly. A little of it on my scotch brite sponge and some elbow grease helps to clean all my dishes fast!

Dawn Dawn dish soap gets rid of food and grease off dishes with little effort. Use it everyday.

Only dish soap in the house This stuff is liquid gold - from hand wash only dishes to bathing the dog & all in between - freakishly gentle yet so dang awesome - literally - the best dish soap on the market

The best dish washing soap Dawn has always been my go to clean for dishes because I feel it does a far better job then other dish soaps. I think it is the best at getting greasy dishes clean and I never feel like I have to go over them. It has a nice pleasant scent without being to over powering and is a decent price .


Dawn is my favorite "hands-down" liquid dish detergent. The scent is refreshing and the soap stays and doesn't evaporate before you're finished washing. Also a value for the money.

Amazingly Clean This Dawn Power Clean is amazing. This soap makes cleaning the dishes so easy. I also love the scent!!

I love all Dawn products, but Dawn Power Clean does wonders.

Great product. Cleans well and cuts scrub time in to mins. Have used for long time. Really last in comparison to other dish liquids. I don't have a dishwasher and use at least 3 times a day. My hands are not dried out. Tried the ones with lotion but they don't cut the grease and have caused me to drop glasses. Works great for my husband to wash his greasy hands, when he works on things in the garage.

This is very good dishwashing soap--you don't have to soak things long in it to get dried food or sticky messes off your dishes with this. Also stays "sudsy" for a good length of time, if you have a large amount of dishes, so you don't have to keep adding and adding it to the dishwater. A very good product that I would recommend.

I love it.. ive tired others but this one is the one for me.. i wouldnt trade it for another..

The only dish soap I use. Makes the grease on my dishes run away and cry. Love it!!

Love it! Dawn outdoes it self again! This concentration is incredible. Powers through any mess! Use it to wash all kinds of oil and grease from the kitchen to the garage, it's spectacular. We use it for everything and it cleans and busts up all kinds of dirt and grime from being baked on, weathered on, stuck on, etc.