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  • Nikkiluvv97 By  Nikkiluvv97    


    Doing dishes has never been this easy. With powerwash they practically clean themselves.

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  • deral1958 By  deral1958    

    Great product with a high price tag

    This product is the best at cleaning your dishes. I spray it on dirty dishes from supper and then come back and wash the dishes. I really like that it doesn't take long to work its magic! I really love the way it works on pots-n-pans. I do love it, but I don't like the high price. It would be great if the price was lower, as with Covid and not working, I find I can't afford it for some months.

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  • gg2manpa By  gg2manpa    


    Tried this at my sons and was skeptical, spray dish soap? Really? Yes! Really! This stuff is great.

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  • Murphey307 By  Murphey307    

    A Must Have!

    This is honestly the most amazing dish soap EVER! It has become a MUST in my house and a part of my daily routine. This stuff really works!!! First, I spray my toughest, gunkiest dishes with some hot water and then coat with the Dawn Powerwash Spray and within minutes I am able to literally wipe away the toughest stuck on messes. It works great not only on dishes, but I use it on my stove and counter tops as well. A little bit goes a long way!!!

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  • Aeseil By  Aeseil    

    Magical Cleaning Powers, some may call you a god.

    This soap changed the game with dish cleaning. You end up using less product with a better clean! It is the ideal millennial product, an update to the original; just faster and better working.

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  • reddhedd17 By  reddhedd17    

    Dawn dishwasher

    This is a very clear product to be what is going on with its cleaner. I love this Dawn dishwasher straining to be a good idea for dishwashing. It is a good cleaner that shows how it can be in a good cleaning to anyone else in a huge dish washer.

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  • DerrickKJ By  DerrickKJ    

    Not just for dishes!!

    I use this not only on dishes, but also on tough toilet stains left by my guests and to get the calcium buildup off the showers, bathtubs, sinks, etc. (Pro Tip: it also helps to unclog toilets!!)

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  • Valicia By  Valicia    


    This is a game changer I love this product its so much faster and fun to spray the dishes ONLY DOWN SIDE, I wish it would lather better to the dishes i"m sure with improvements it would change over time.

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  • Abplusjess By  Abplusjess    


    I like Dawn dish washing liquid but this took a little bit to adjust to. It works great at getting rid of grease and washing dishes. I have also used it to clean up grime in my kitchen

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  • lovenlife By  lovenlife    

    Goodbye dried gooey food and sauces..

    This is fantastic for pots and dishes with gooey food particles stuck to it like dried ketup or pasta sauce. I do have a dishwasher, put i spray this on my dishes with dried gooey stuff dried to it and let it sit. i go back 20 mins later and well-la the i spray the dish with water and dried gooey stuff slip off no scrubbing. On my pots the same way takes away all the scrubbing i used to do . I really love this product.

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  • rjennings67 By  rjennings67    

    Dawn Platinum Powerwash Dish Spray

    Dawn Platinum Powerwash Dish Spray is easy to use and removes stuck on food, grease in no time at all! Dishes are rinsed well, no residue left behind. Nice scent!

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  • HunniCasey By  HunniCasey    

    Yes ma'am

    I have been waiting longer than I've been alive to write this review. Tell you this thing will get off ANYTHING I mean it. There is almost zero soaking time it's not even a thought.

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  • Luvs2sang85 By  Luvs2sang85    

    Dirty dishes don't stand a chance!

    This stuff is great! I still purchase my usual Dawn dish detergent, but the two work wonders together! I'm sure you could use this all on it's own, I just prefer to use both. I spray each dish with one little spray, let it sit for a few minutes and it cuts through any and everything! It smells amazing, too. I was worried that it wouldn't last very long, but I've had this bottle for a month, still have over half left and I wash a TON of dishes. I'll admit that it doesn't lather as much as I thought it would and makes me feel it doesn't clean as well as the original. It's a little over-priced, but seems to be worth it, so far!

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