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  • tjs68111 By  tjs68111    

    Not a fan!

    Not a son doesn't like the chalky taste of these chewable! I will stick with the flavorless powder! Great idea though! Just not for my "picky" son!!

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  • veelovesfreestuff2020 By  veelovesfreestuff2020    

    Just what the kiddos needed

    What I liked about the culturelle kids chewables is how easy it is to use. The kids love the chewables and the sweet taste. I love the health benefits and the fact that it helps keep the kiddos regular.

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  • amandaripsam By  amandaripsam    

    Perfect for kids to teens

    My 14 year old daughter prefers the kids chewable culturelle I received a sample from the brand and I think the reason the chewable are preferred by my daughter is because they are easier to digest as they digest faster and she does not seem to be bothered at all by the flavor. culturelle helped keep her regular and during that time of the month on teen girls is challenging sometimes to maintain regular bathroom habits.

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  • klassic By  klassic    

    Keeps the Body Regular

    These work great. Keeps the body regular. Finds the ideal way the body must work. This is a welcomed way to expect regularity.

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  • jehousel By  jehousel    

    My daughter preferred the powder

    I tried switching my daughter from the powder Culturelle probiotic to this and it was less effective at least for her. She did not a care for the chewable-ness and preferred the flavorless powder in her morning juice. In addition I believe the chewables may have increased her acid reflux.

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  • Innatemotherhood By  Innatemotherhood    

    Toddler approves.

    My son loves these! I like that they are chewable and taste great so it isn?t a hassle for me to get my toddler to take them. They work well and always gets his tummy back on track. Going to restock today!

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  • Tannerbabes19 By  Tannerbabes19    

    Kid Approved!!!

    These Kids Culturelle Probiotics Chewable Tablets were such a great product and work much better then expected. You only have to take one chewable a day and it has a texture like a sweet tart. These Culturelle Kids Daily Probiotic Chewables make it much easier to take and to talk about the fun candy like flavor makes it much more enjoyable to chew. They did not have a chalk like texture which was perfect and any kid would be excited for the next day to be able to chew one of these Culturelle Probiotics! I highly recommend this Culturelle Probiotics to anyone looking to have a healthy digestive tract for your kids.

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  • tthebeau By  tthebeau    

    Love em

    My daughter loves these she asks every morning if she can have her morning medicine. And I like that they are helping her digestive and immune system

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  • pbdkari By  pbdkari    

    A Good for you Chew!

    This is a chewable children's daily probiotic. It helps support your little ones immune and digestive systems. Once your child tastes the different flavors of these chewables, it will be as easy as 1,2,3 to get them to take them.

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