Crayola  Washable Kids Paint

Crayola Washable Kids Paint

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No mess? This is the paint you're looking for! My son is 5 and we love to use these paints! They are so easy to clean up and so fun to use! Also very simple to store as they do not take up much space! If we have a day of just hanging out we typically pull out this paint!

No mess paints! My boys are 6 and 5 and we go through these paints like crazy. My boys love to paint! They are completely wash away with soap. My boys will get paint all over their hands and our kitchen table and it just comes off with a little bit of soap. Great product for little ones

Great product for fun toddler activities. Very easy to clean up.

Great product for kids and moms! This is great for any little crafter in the family. The best part is, is that it washes right out of clothing. The kids really enjoy painting!

The Best Kids Paint The BEST paint out there without a doubt. My 6 year old loves to paint and while I don't limit her to just Crayola Washable Kids Paint it is the best. I love that we don't have to worry about stains or messes. She's free to paint as she pleases and we will just wipe up what didn't make it to the paper. No worries, just fun!

Creativity doesn't have to stain! I have used this paint for about 14 years for my kids, it is the best easy clean up paint. I've never had a problem with it not washing out and it is a great texture. Comes in the most vibrant, pretty colors. Great for painting on paper and wooden crafts.

Easy Stress Free Sensory Crafting Being a painter as well I highly recommend these for not only my daughter but every parent looking for a quick clean up, yet sensory hours of crafting. Perfect party gift as well.

Safe for kids! My grandchildren love this product! It keeps them occupied for hours, and it is so easy to clean up!

Great True washable paint. Even comes out of clothes. Makes messy fun more enjoyable with easy clean up.

Best paint We love this washable kids paint. Been buying it since my oldest was 12 months, hes 4 now. And still loves to use it. I love how its easy washable when they get it on themselves skin and clothes.. They use this paint few times a week. We run out of it quickly.

My toddler loves painting with these paints and I love the fact that they wash off her clothing and everything else she gets them on. She enjoys her time alot painting with them.

Fun colors My toddler loves to use this stuff. Weather it's with a paint brush or his fingers, its a great way to get creative and express themselves with bold colors. Easy to wash out too

It really washes out of clothes Easy to use, and really washes out of clothes. Art time is a lot easier (and more frequent) with washable paint! Have bought this product multiple times. My daughter likes mixing the paint to make new colors. Great for art projects at home.