Crayola Crayons

Crayola Crayons

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Crayola crayons are the best out there. We have tried multiple brands and these top them all. We love all the colors and being able to sharpen our crayons.

Crayola Crayons Crayola Crayons are the only crayons I will buy. They have the most diversity in color choice, and the wax sticks to the paper better than any other brand I have tried with my children.

Crayola Colors are great and the way the pen colors its amazing. Good thing this is great for arts and crafts. Love it!!!

Childhood Goals When I was a kid, the mammoth 64-count box of Crayola crayons was at the top of my wish list. I was sure that if I had all those colors, I could color *anything.* And there was a built-in sharpener on the back! So whenever I see this box now, it makes me smile and want to give one to every little person in my life.

Great Working Product! Great product! Sharpener works well! Trusted brand!

Recommend Crayola did great again. Easy to use and children love having their own sharpener.

Crayola, has been around since I was a kid. I will soon be 70. It is the only brand I buy. They have always been the best crayon made.

Best crayon box! These Crayola crayons are the best. There is no way to need any other color besides whats in this 64 count box! We are super excited to have them!

The BEST crayons EVER.. It's the only ones we buy or use!!

Great quality First, the nostalgia from their smell brings back floods of childhood memories when there were very few cares in the world. Secondly, when your toddler decides to feed them to the dog, you will have another box to calm your child's tears when they wonder why the crayons are all gone. Our dog gives these 5 stars for taste, though these are NOT recommended for any animal or human consumption. Crayola's crayons are seriously the best quality for the money and are not too waxy and allow for gentle blending and creation of layering and build up of color.

Crayola Great gift and give children's hours of drawing.

OG Crayola Crayons! This is the old school kit that still works as well as it did 30 years ago! The crayons are safe and non-toxic despite the slight smell, and great for kids' coloring!

Great gift to express yourself in color! Crayola crayons are the best! Every child gets excited to open a new box of crayons with its myriad of colors!

I remember when I got my first box of crayons. It kept me busy for hours. My imagination was sparked and I felt wonderful.

Great color I've always used these crayons, and I will always buy these crayons for my kids and for my future grandchildren. They're relatively strong (for crayons) and the color the comes out is great.