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  • SilverHDanes By  SilverHDanes    

    I loved the colour, it was so beautiful!! I was very upset when it made my lips feel like they were burning and wouldn't stop unless there was some base under it. I stopped altogether because it was a bit of hazel to get it to not burn my lips if they weren't totally covered.

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  • LaneTwo37 By  LaneTwo37    

    Covergirl Wetslicks Amazemint Lip Glosses are a must-have in your beauty arsenal. They provide beautiful color individually or paired with your favorite lipstick. If you can, try the regular Covergirl Wetslicks in Honey Talks, it looks fabulous on all skin tones.

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  • adriloves03 By  adriloves03    

    Its an ok gloss consistency but great to keep in your purse since it freshens your breath with mint! I own no care bare a beigey pink and love the color!

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  • sweetnsassy By  sweetnsassy    

    It was ok I didn't like that it felt like my lips were burning!

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  • Vanillasparkle By  Vanillasparkle    

    I was disappointed in this lip gloss. I want some pigment in my lip products, and I found these to be nearly colorless. After a while, I gave up and threw it away.

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  • khloesmommy09 By  khloesmommy09    

    I love love love Covergirl Wetslicks Amazemint lip products. The colors are great! Its the perfect amount of color and shine but its not too glossy and it is NOT sticky! The best thing is the burst of Crest peppermint oil! It will leave you feeling refreshed and awaken!! The lip brush provides a smooth application and the size is small enough to fit in any clutch but large enough so you feel like you're getting your money worth! I have 3 colors so far, Plum Crazy, Tickled Pink, and Un-Wined and cant wait to purchase more!!

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