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  • quackers50 By  quackers50    

    Great mascara

    Great masccara that make my eyelashes look longer and fuller. I like it when my eyes pop!! ALso Cover Girl is more affordable and works just as well as the more expensive brands

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  • fmd518 By  fmd518    

    Great Product

    CoverGirl LashBlast Volume Mascara is great . Makes my lashes look full and longer.

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  • rkosully By  rkosully     SheSpeaks Tester

    LashBlast is super!

    I like most Cover Girl products, and this mascara is terrific. It lengthens my lashes and stays on all day. It's affordable and performs just as well as more expensive mascaras.

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  • Fountains777 By  Fountains777    

    Great for the price!

    This is a really good mascara for its price. When I am on a makeup budget I usually opt for this one. You can get it at any walgreens and walmart! It makes my lashes look darker, longer, and fuller. My lashes are naturally straight so when I curl them I add this on and it makes them stay curly and looking beautiful all day. I always choose the waterproof one though. Because I live in a very humid city. I would totally recommend this mascara if you're on a makeup budget. The only downside I do notice is that it dries out quicker than most high end mascaras. But otherwise I absolutely love it! I still buy it when on a makeup budget!

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  • spud676 By  spud676    

    Sexy Lashes

    This is one of the best mascara's I have ever used!! You will get super thick lashes that look long and sexy. No clumping!!

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  • Mommylife95 By  Mommylife95    

    Cover girl lash blast

    Good mascara, the brush is perfect for my eyelashes no clumps no mess easy beautiful result

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  • MissHR By  MissHR    

    It feels light and looks extra. Just my style! :)

    Eyelashes of the world, meet one of my favorite mascaras! After much experimentation with what want, formula and brand was right for me; I discovered this gem. While it isn't their newest release it is consistent through the years. I get a long thin lash with no clumping or webbing. Not to mention I have VERY sensitive eyes and skin and somehow this formula causes zero discomfort for me personally. It feels light and looks extra. Just my style! :)

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  • Victoriahope By  Victoriahope    


    I like this mascara because for one it?s super affordable! I have found better mascaras but for more money but this is definitely great when your looking for an affordable mascara

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  • AcrosstheAvenue By  AcrosstheAvenue    

    Adequate, long lasting, but a bit clumpy

    This mascara is perfectly adequate, but it sometimes felt too clumpy. It seems to last a decent amount of time though, especially in comparison to Physician's Formula.

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  • irishmaiden67 By  irishmaiden67    

    Its good, not great, but will do in a pinch

    I tried this because I couldn't find my usual mascara and I had a coupon. It's good, not clumpy, but doesn't make my sparce and short lashes appear any thicker nor longer. Guess I'm spoiled to my expensive mascara. For the price paid, it was good. I have blond lashes, so they did show up and like I said, no clumpy. I also can swim in it without worry. Would be best for someone with good lashes to start with.

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  • maradra1983 By  maradra1983    

    Works for me!

    Great mascara, it work great at my eyelashes. It makes them look longer and fuller without sticking them together! Good price, too!

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  • Pinkprincess717 By  Pinkprincess717    

    Va Va Volume

    I absolutely love how much volume I get from using this mascara! Just a few swipes on my lashes and they look bigger, longer, and thicker! No more need to use fake lashes because I can achieve the same results using this! Doesn't become dry or flaky! Stays on! Stays put!

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  • berryartsandphotography By  berryartsandphotography    

    Thicker & Longer Lashes!

    This is my go to mascara. I have long lashes, however over time they have gotten thinner, less full. CoverGirl LashBlast Volume Mascara gives my lashes extra length and a definite improvement of the thickness of my lashes once applied.

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  • Eclecticsista By  Eclecticsista    

    Fuller Looking Lashes Yes Please!Thanks Covergirl

    This mascara works really good I was a bit skeptical of COVERGIRL Lash blast Volume Mascara at first, but once I tried it I fell in love with it! My lashes instantly looked longer and fuller and this doesn't clump or flake off.

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  • CarolynChurch By  CarolynChurch    

    Awesome mascara!!

    This mascara is great..even after just one coat. It provides great volume and doesn't clump. I find that this is one mascara that I keep reaching for.

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