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  • kik1234 By  kik1234    

    Great affordable foundation

    Ive been using this foundation for about 4 months. Bought it at Walmart. I like that the foundation is soft and is easily blended into my skin. It did not look caked on my face and did not become oily at the end of the day. It has SPF in it which is nice so I know my complexion is protected from the sun. The makeup compact itself comes with a sponge in a separate compartment on the bottom and can be easily cleaned with some soap and water. After continued use I noticed my face was not as dry as before which I think the olay serum it contains has helped with that.

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  • JustGinaJoan By  JustGinaJoan    

    I have really enjoyed trying this foundation. Surprised. the color matched me perfect, which is rare for me. The feel of this make up on the face is nice, not caked on, light with a pleasant fragrance, for me. The long lasting foundation makes for a nice welcome on busy days, with little time alloted for "me" time. It offers a nice coverage, washing away uneven skin tones, including redness. I believe it also helps with the fine lines on your face, especially regarding the flawless skin apperance when applied with other make up products. I plan on purchasing COVERGIRL and Olay Simply Ageless 3 in 1 in the future. I was given this product for FREE for my honest opinion. COVERGIRL Olay

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  • deniserae81 By  deniserae81    

    Gets 3 stars. It covers up okay. Unfortunately, it dries the hell out of your skin. So be sure to put on a good lotion after taking off makeup and 10 minutes before putting on makeup.

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  • aquariusbridget By  aquariusbridget    

    I did not like this product. I thought it made my skin feel dry and just did not look right, and I thought it was expensive too.

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  • VRafferty By  VRafferty    

    This foundation I found to be super creamy in texture. I don't have "aged" skin, but I do suffer from moderate acne. With this foundation is was super easy to blend out. However it did not provide a "full coverage" for me. The coverage was that similar to a BB or CC cream. I found out after half way through my day that it was fading away. I did apply a primer before, however the coverage was dwindling down as the day progressed.

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  • Paradiscal By  Paradiscal    

    Creamy, natural foundation that works well for my dry skin! I like it for an everyday look. Pretty sure it would work well for mature skin as well!

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  • hath157 By  hath157    

    I like the coverage it provides. But after a few hours dries out a little on your skin. Seems to come off fairly easily to. Product in compact doesn't seem to last as long as other foundations.

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  • Suffacaitlyn By  Suffacaitlyn    

    I love the weightless feel of this foundation, it covers the perfect amount. Especially considering the non-cakey look I can achieve with it. Great job, don't change a thing!

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  • laurenjill05 By  laurenjill05    

    I am 28 years old with normal/dry skin. I am always on the hunt for the next best thing in cosmetics, and I especially love trying out new foundations. I really have enjoyed this one so far. It has great coverage and leaves your skin looking really clean and refreshed - it isn't completely matte but not dewy either. I would recommend for people with the same skin type as me.

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  • scooter78 By  scooter78    

    I like the anti aging benefits. Did dry out a little

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  • raquelslaughter By  raquelslaughter    

    I liked the coverage of this product but was not sure that the benefits though were as they say they were. But the product was not bad.

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  • cspoe13 By  cspoe13    

    I have been using CoverGirl & Olay Simply Ageless Foundation for about 3 years now and love it!! It smoothes on well without leaving your face feeling weighted down. Helps face to appear smoother and softer.

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  • kaykay131415 By  kaykay131415    

    I love this product it works very well(:

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  • PrettyIcePrincess By  PrettyIcePrincess    

    Wonderful foundation! It gives great coverage and it is gentle with my oily T zone. It is long lasting and helped me to achieve a nice, natural look whenever I didn't feel like wearing too much makeup.

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  • thorsmommy By  thorsmommy    

    This is the best foundation that I found to cover a scar above my eye. It is very light on the skin, but works wonders! I feel that I am not wearing anything but moisturizer.

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