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  • Kittykatt1976 By  Kittykatt1976    

    a must have for moms on the go

    I started using this product recently and couldn't be more thrilled about it clean fresh feeling softer than toilet paper no irritation works for all skin types a good choice for sensitive skin leaves you feeling sparkling clean refreshing in the summer I use these all the time I'm beyond satisfied with this brand I'd recommend this to everyone comes in handy for a million different things

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  • maradra1983 By  maradra1983    

    They do the job

    The Costco Kirkland baby wipes are fine. They thick enough to clean the mess my baby is making and gentle enough on his skin. Great price and good product. They do the job as good as the leading brand.

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  • ReeseterFamily By  ReeseterFamily    

    The quality has gone down in years

    These wipes where always my go to wipes, they are strong, great for babies with sensitive skin. The best part was price and they where in bulk. Over the years as I have had kids the one down side is they are getting thinner and the quality isn?t as great.

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  • Momof3801 By  Momof3801    


    Theses are seriously the BEST store brand wipes out there!

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  • CheeseBear386 By  CheeseBear386    

    These are the best wipes

    Our baby is a pooping champ and these wipes are the best. They're slightly bigger than comparable wipes from other brands and that size difference makes ALL the difference when baby learns how to roll over and crawl away from you mid-diaper-change. I also keep a pack in my car for those days when he does painting projects at daycare ... and most recently, I needed them when he found mommy's hidden stash of chocolates!

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  • Megbria By  Megbria    

    Love these wipes

    Love these wipes! I have 2 girls, and have tried almost every wipe out there. These Kirkland baby wipes are the best I've found. They are very strong, and don't fall apart like so many other brands. They are perfect for every need. They are also perfect for sensitive skin.

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  • JWash225 By  JWash225    

    Kirtland Baby Wipes

    These are great wipes! I love that that they come in nine packages, so I can just grab one and throw it in the diaper bag. The wipes are large and get the job done!

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  • JustJensReviews By  JustJensReviews    

    I love these wipes. They are soft and just the right amount of moist. Great value. I love when I buy these I I'll never run out.

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  • Masooma By  Masooma    

    I have used these for almost 2 years now and it is by far the best wipes, much more stronger than the name brand wipes out there.

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  • SarahChristine By  SarahChristine    

    GREAT value. I've tried many wipes and these are my favorite. They are soft and thick. They work great on my baby and poopy diapers.

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  • tracymizell4 By  tracymizell4    

    Would love to try these everyone in my family uses baby wipes for all different things and reasons

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  • katieshuck By  katieshuck    

    I love these wipes! They come in both the standard wipe size package and in a travel size that is easy to stuff into my purse or in the center console of my car so I always have some on hand. My children are almost out of diapers, but these wipes have saved me numerous times - not only for diaper situations, but also cleaning up messes (both from kids and my own doing). I plan to keep these wipes on hand even after my children are out of diapers. They're great for cleaning sticky fingers and faces - although one of my children complains that it hurts when I use them on his face when his skin is dry (in wintertime primarily). These are also great for craft projects when kids get marker, paint, or ink on them.

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  • Jazzyt92 By  Jazzyt92    

    I love these wipes, i used to buy them for my daughter often. They last for a long time

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  • deb228 By  deb228    

    True to all the kirkland products I have tried I was pleased with the baby wipes. You can't beat the quantity and the price.

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  • kaurit By  kaurit    

    I am always skeptical when it comes to store brand products. I was pleasantly surprised with these wipes though! Not only are they affordable, but the plastic dispenser top insures the wipes stay moist and is easy to use.

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