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  • Pattyrena By  Pattyrena    

    Great fun film for the whole family

    This is a family movie everyone can enjoy. Touching,romantic,funny,silly and awesome cast. Aquafina stole the movie for me. Every scene she was in shined. I love comedies and movies that aren't predictable. It was both. Looking forward to watching the sequel. Movie was well done and acted. Loved it!

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  • artsyaurora By  artsyaurora    


    This movie is a great all around chick flick. It has a great main cast, awesome supportive beset friend, great love story, multiple villains , and just a lot of fun heartfelt moments.

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  • Heidi23 By  Heidi23    

    Very cute and funny movie. Talks a lot about asian cultures and shows a lot of tasty looking food.

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  • LindseySal99 By  LindseySal99    

    Great movie

    I absolutely loved this movie. It shows 2 people coming together From different backgrounds and falling in love and overcoming obstacles.

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  • darrington By  darrington    


    We loved this movie. It was funny but had a moral lesson that was relatable.

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  • Indyanna63 By  Indyanna63    

    Cute, Romantic and Fun!

    I watched this movie while on a flight. It was much better than I expected. It was funny, smart, of course a little predictable, sweet, and sentimental. Everything I love in a romantic storyline! And I'm a sucker for a happy ending!

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  • RaquelC By  RaquelC    

    Representation is important

    #1 representation is important makes this movie a 4 instead of a 3 for that reason. Eye candy, the sets, clothing, backgrounds are all eye-catching. The plot is a little predictable but recommend accompanying with the book, there is much more history and regional knowledge that the reader can pick up in an easily digetable way.

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  • Aed8031 By  Aed8031    

    Loved it

    I loved this movie it was cute and romantic and I loved that it talked about the Asian culture because in America it is often forgotten about save the food. Hilarious movie with a great cast

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  • jogeraci By  jogeraci    

    OMG such a funny fun movie. If you are looking for a good romance movie, this is definitely worth your time. My whole family was laughing out loud. The couple is just adorable.

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  • Aanunis By  Aanunis    

    Ones try

    LOVED! Such a cute romance for a girls night! I loved how it was a different culture displayed on the big screen. I highly recommend to anyone who wants a good romance.

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  • amsweeney By  amsweeney    

    I loved this movie.

    LOVED! Such a cute romance for a girls night! I loved how it was a different culture displayed on the big screen. I highly recommend to anyone who wants a good romance.

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  • clarefk By  clarefk    

    Lovely picture - feel good film

    i thought that this movie looked so lovely and it was even lovelier than i thought it was going to be. i adore the main couple and the ending was so gratifying. i love seeing strong, sweet, and classy women in film.

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  • JoBevara By  JoBevara    

    Liked it.

    I was initially hesistant about this movie and thought it is typical poor girl rich boy romantic movie although what changed the perspective of mother in law Is how the her son's girlfriend knowledge helped her in gaining the acceptance of well know member from their community.

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  • joanna12345 By  joanna12345    

    Great movie, even better cast

    I was going to this movie with pretty high expectations. Well, suffice to say, they were met, and then some. I am not going into plot details, but the first all Asian cast in 25 years has simply out done itself. With great settings, good dialogue, and a romance story for the ages, this movie was well done. One of the better films in a while, is my opinion. Can't wait for this one to be released on blu-ray.

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